Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cramps… stop being a girl!

Signs you know you have endometriosis… 

1) Walking 5 minutes to take the child to her school room - feeling fine; 5 minute walk back to the car and you are practically hopping on both feet with the rising pain. 

2) Popping 2 nurofen in the middle of the street (water optional; scotch highly recommended!)  

3) Standing at the coffee bar, pacing on the spot in agony as you patiently wait for the nurofen to finally kick in.

4) Going to the chemist and buying a heat pack and asking them to heat it up for you.

5) Practically feinting & / or vomiting as you await that long 1.5 minute for the microwave.

5) Walking up the street to Sports day with warm, soothing heat pad on your tummy.

6) Lugging about a now cold heat pack in your already overfilled camera bag.

IMG 5900























You see endometriosis cramps aren't like your normal Period Pain. They are crippling. They are vomit inducing. They make you want to claw your insides out. They make you no longer afraid to ask for something extra because the thought of walking around all day feeling as you do now - is not an option; nor is driving 20 mins home to collect your heat pack. Admittedly the nurofen would have kicked in - but by that time, the pains would have been excruciating by then and I likely would have developed a headache from the tension of fighting those pains.

I never ask for help.

I never take days off.

Occasionally I will stop what I'm doing for half hour to get on top of those debilitating pains, but then I usually go forward with life.

And I need heat. Without heat I cannot function. 

Luckily I am usually relatively close to home when I am struck down with the pain, my heat pack(s) on hand for instant relief. Somedays, like today, I can't help if because life goes on and it erupted upon me so suddenly.

Have you ever been caught out without heat? What is your go-to in this situation?

Did you know that a tea towel, a plastic bag, water and a microwave can act as a mini heat pack as well?   

IMG 5905























Cute Tea towel not essential, but it does ease the pain! Wet the tea towel thoroughly and place inside the plastic bag. Fold the bag over a few times and microwave on 30 sec increments - be VERY careful NOT to over nuke it because this can BURN skin quickly as the outside doesn't always feel as hot as it really is. I usually only do 30 seconds to start with and increase slowly as needed. Anyhow just thought I'd share this with you incase you are ever caught out; at a friends place or work place.  

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