Wednesday, July 17, 2013



  1. Having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook.
  2. Spiritually aware.
















The past few months have been weighing heavily upon my mind and I've had to reface seeing someone to talk things through. Its strange how we soldier on for so long then after speaking to someone - whether that be your husband, your best friend, your dog or your shrink - suddenly those problems you have been carrying around; no longer seem to heavy. The burden is  eased.

So it was for me. I had become so dragged along by what I thought was life itself that I couldn't see the light. Nor the colours.  

It turns out it wasn't so much life dragging me down, then myself setting personal expectations far too high. 

After much talk and a LOT of diary writing, I've finally found myself enlightened. Or perhaps. Lightened.

The silly little things in life had been pulling me along, dragging me off my path and like the snow globe {above} I felt trapped in a bubble of whirring thoughts. Whirling and swirling so fast I couldn't see past, to make sense. Of the nonsense.    

I know now that if I strive for more balance and less perfection; focus upon the positive rather than the negative - I can be and do so much more. If I let myself stop those fluttering thoughts momentarily I can see clearly. I can see with clarity, all the colours within.  

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The point being - it is likely I need to STOP and STEADY myself more often. Be more accountable for living in the moment rather than just being in the moment. Learning to SLOW those thoughts and know that its perfectly okay if I don't catch them there and then. Life is truly fascinating.

Todays' post bought to you by $500 worth of therapy; numerous cups of caffeine; thousands of words written and a $2.80 Buddah snow globe. I apologise if it makes no sense. These words are speaking perfect ZEN to me.     

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Allycat said...

Your favorite Kitty Cat loves you! And also actually understands what this post is saying :)