Monday, July 29, 2013

FINISHED! of sorts


After 6 long months - I have finally finished the theory side of my photography course. There is complete and utter joy and happiness to have laid down my pen at last. My head whirls with all this excess knowledge that I know I will have to revise again and again. But it is FINISHED!  

Last week I admit to a mini melt-down amidst fears I would never complete it, the thoughts of the myriad of photos needed for assignments weighting me down. My husband was a legend…. wait for it… airy help to my feelings of unease. He told me I can do it and kept me on the straight and narrow; even after I threw my hands up and said what's the worst that will happen if I don't submit the assignments. He told me to take things one at a time. I walked away wondering how the heck I could manage to take 50 + (awesome) photos in the space of 4 months and have them all submitted.     

With a fresh perspective, I decided I needed something small and very visual to track exactly what was required. I hung my new pink noticeboard and pulled out the sticky notes and on each note - I wrote what I needed to focus on. Still Life - 2x replicated; Motion - 3x Cars; Wedding - 2x failed shots. And the notes go on. As I capture each photo, each note will be placed under a completed sign until I have a bundle.  

Day206 Noticed















With that out of the way - I then picked up the phone with trembling hands and made some calls to friends and family for photography practice. I am quaking in my boots but am also just a little nervously excited.

After conquering those two fears - I even picked up my iPad and pulled up my copy of Photoshop Elements 6

Elements 6







I figured it was high time I stopped being so scared of editing photos (the correct way) and start embracing a little change. Surprisingly it wasn't as scary as I thought. 

So now I forge ahead with renewed inspiration and motivation - ready to kick butt on this course and the next 4 months! I can do this!  

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