Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Month Ends…

A new month dawns (ok so I'm technically a day early, but I'm out all day tomorrow!) 

Do you ever find that as one month comes to an end, you focus on ALL you didn't accomplish and get bogged down with negative thoughts? I do.

Then something magical happens, I erase the whiteboard. ALL those tasks; gone in a millisecond. No longer there to mock me, in all there un-crossed off glory. A blank slate to write my new goals (which truth be told are basically, the same goals I didn't finish last month - just re-written in pretty new colours) and yet it is all fresh and exciting. A new day and a new month to achieve more. To no longer reflect on the negative but embrace the positivity of the weeks ahead.

Its a humbling feeling to be taken from negative to positive with such force.

I realised I am a very visual person, so at the beginning of each month - I take a blank calendar (I got my calendar from the Organised Housewife - here) and I write a list of everything I need to focus on for the coming month. I have also made a point of writing down expected hours of study available each day / week. 















Then I re-write the white board. Its messy, but it's how I like it. This month I am returning to a full month overview rather than weekly view as this system didn't work for me in my July planning!
TIP: Store your whiteboard pens upside down and the ink will produce a far richer colour!  















Then its time to pretty up my work / study diary. Each week I plan where I will be and list under that what I want to achieve. I may have been a little ambitious with the study for this week, but having it all there, makes it easier to stay focussed and less likely to forget something on those days that don't turn out how I expected. Case in point - sports day tomorrow will be 3rd time lucky due to incremental weather over the past 2 months :O 















As I get older - Im finding that my memory just won't retain information like it used to, which is why I'm finding myself having to write down the most silliest of things.  I am hoping that if I can pick up the pace for the next month - I will be one step closer to easing back come the start of September to 2 days of study.  

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