Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Words. Everywhere I look.

I have a million words swirling through my brain synapses at the present moment. The past three days have been spent hitting the books, knowing that I won't be around to study tomorrow and knowing that I have a tonne of words to be written, to be read, to be shared.

The more I read, the more my thirst evolves and I want to do everything right away. Alas I must bide my time, pace myself lest I burn out, so I have turned to making notes everywhere and marking them off when I can finally get to them.     

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On my desk right now aside from my laptop and a cold cup of coffee is:

2 x A5 sized day-to-day moleskines; the place I record what happened each and every day. A five minute job that has turned into an epic task as I found myself side tracked over the holidays and have managed daily titles only. I foresee a marathon writing date in my very near future.

1 x Subject Notebook with a list of activities to be completed for each course. Today was designated to concentrate fully upon the activities. I am half way through one task (converting 2x 5 min free writes into a short story - though the subjects are two completely different things) 

1x Subject Notebook for my blog posts. Each idea I get, I scrawl it in this book under a separate section then mark it off when I get to it. I am so far behind in blogging as I turned my back on my computer over the break and now have oodles to share and write about. 

1x Diary with only work related jobs to be done as well appointments that KEEP CHANGING. 

1x Tutorial on Creative Writing. The more I read and learn, the more ideas I have buzzing through me. I keep telling myself to SLOW DOWN, take it one step at a time, which means I've been making a lot of extra notes alongside those I need to do for my course assignments. 

In the past two days I have managed to write a full page of things I want to check up on in my novel. Everything from Senses to Syntax. Adverbs to Adjectives. Tone to telling. Pace to Plot. I can't get to that list until I submit the next few assignments. So I need to focus. 

And that has NOTHING on the table behind me. 

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It has my study notes book, my journal, a notebook with new story ideas buzzing to be written. A book of short stories, The Idiots guide to Creative Writing (its actually VERY informative), a writing book as well as several assignments I need to revise and prep and write. 

I love feeling so inspired, but sometimes the ideas in my mind swamp me. They battle one another to be the first to escape and I struggle to keep track of the path at hand. It is moments like these, I wish I had a time changer thing-a-me-bob.  

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LittleWhiteDove said...

Be still my list making heart! Maybe we need a list making date instead of a writing date! Goals for this week - a character chart, a timeline/storyboard, and a chapter by chapter synopsis.