Sunday, August 25, 2013

August Moon 2013 - Day 1

How have you treated yourself this year? Have you kept your intentions? 

2013 has been a year of learning for me. An enormous amount of study greeted me at the beginning (some that I had left till the last possible moment; as you {shouldn't} do) each week I have been feeding my brain with new to me knowledge. As fast as I can feed it, the faster the thirst returns until I am needing more. It has reactivated my brain in ways I could never have dreamt. 

Learning has been my intention. And I have kept it. I knew I had to be serious about it and I have allocated every spare moment in my day to keep the momentum flowing and I am proud of where I stand today; though I still have vast amounts remaining that needs to be completed.  

However in honouring my intention to study; I have neglected ME.

It may sound selfish but I learnt a very valuable lesson of BALANCE last year. If I don't have a little creative balance in my life each day, I fold like a pack of cards. Last year was the perfect time for me to step away from everything and live a creative life. This year however I am struggling to find that elusive balance between study, work and creativity as well as keeping my daily chores kicking along.

Right now I am sitting upon that delicate knifes edge and it is NOW time to start making small changes for the better. 

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