Friday, August 16, 2013

Cows go Mad

Last week as I pondered my Nan it got me thinking about our somewhat crazy gift giving toward the end. She was a giver and some years you could expect to receive a beautiful, meaningful gift from her. Like the year I turned 19 I received a Pig Pilt (truth be told it is a Quillow… you know a Quilt / Pillow, I chose to call it my PIG PILT - Pillow/Quilt - I do nothing the easy way!) My Pig Pilt is still going strong 17 years later. On side it it panels of farm yard animals the other is a fabric with pigs and cows. Other years we received more obscure gifts (lets just say - one year I received some granny undies… so very huge. Yet I couldn't fit one leg into them :O )  

Anyhow likely the Quilt is where THIS cow saga all began.

It could have been the cheap Cow Bell (geddit LOL) she purchased for me at the $2 shop.   

IMG 5952






















Or perhaps it was the laughing cow I got her the following year (you know those ones that laugh hysterically until you are laughing so hard you almost pee your pants?) 

It went back and forward for a few years until she sent me home with a birthday gift for my other half.

IMG 5951























Yes your eyes do NOT deceive you - she sent him a small packet of Cow Seeds. Complete with instructions on 'how to grow them'. 

I see your cheeky; and I raise it threefold, my dear sweet Nan. 

Mothers Day was not long after that, so my hubby and I decided to get a little creative and we made her a…  


A pretty blue pail, filled with dirt. A few seed scattered about, a cute "Cow Garden" sign and a couple of little "seedling" cows spread over the top.

It was the BEST. GIFT. EVER.

Except for the life of me - I cannot find a photo of it (oh the joys of pre-phone cameras!) lets just say it was hysterical and the gift went down like a lead balloon.

Nowadays the cow joke has been replaced with chickens. But I fondly remember those days of crazy gifts and I hope that perhaps one day, I will be too old to need normal gifts. Oh what am I saying, my own little chicken posse are doing a great job at continuing on my Nan's Legacy of Crazy Gift Giving!   

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