Friday, August 2, 2013

HIGH Distinction

While some days I lament that I am not cut out for this Study gig, days like this one make it all the worth while! 

Day211 High Dist























I had written this assignment (for Creative writing) out months ago. I sat on it - intending to review. Several times I went back to it but still I couldn't submit it. I wondered whether the book I had chosen to analyse Point of View was suitable. I wasn't sure of my own understanding of the third part where I had to re-write a story changing the verb tense and I again second questioned my piece I submitted.

This term it was time to get serious, so after pulling it out to re-read for the 500th time - I decided enough was enough - I couldn't polish it any better than I already had and I figured if it was wrong, then I could start afresh; rather than re-hashing what I already had.

This week I received my results and got a High Distinction (my 2nd for this course) I of course was thrilled to bits with this result and it has given me an amazing confidence boost to keep working on the remainder of my assignments for this course.

However it was the tutors comments on my work that has blown me away "near flawless - a nice, polished piece" that has really got my heart racing (in a good way) and made me think that everything I dreamed of may well be possible. If I keep on polishing my work as I go. Re-reading. Editing. Review. 

It has even inspired me to delve into a new writing book I purchased and I wrote a page & a bit (A4) and it felt… just right!


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Sarah said...

Congratulations Car - you should feel incredibly proud :-) x