Monday, August 5, 2013

You did WHAT?

While I solely believe that we are all made up uniquely - I like to think we carry on traits from others near and dear; and those no longer with us. 

Example 1. My dad and I have the same feet as my (late) Poppy. True Story.  

Example 2. I find myself saying the same things to Miss K that were once said to me by my mum.

August is upon us again and with it is birthday month. Both my parents, my brother and my (late) Nanny were born in August (as well as friends and cousins) so it has always been a busy month. Sadly my nan passed away 4 weeks after her 85th Birthday and I remember her fondly during that time and this year - 4 years on, is no exception. 

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I often ponder whether I might have inherited a teeny ounce of her strength; a smidgen of her wicked sense of humour Or her completely original ways.

Today it happened.

As I pushed my full to the brim shopping trolley out of the shops this morning, a young girl was approaching. I identified her as C. So I wave and smile and she looks at me blankly. As she neared I realised I had the wrong person; we can blame a million things - the light shining brightly behind her, new & foggy contact lenses, lack of caffeine coursing through my sleepy brain synapsis.

IF this had happened to my Nanny; for sure she would have stopped and started a conversation with this young girl. My nan, she was rather quirky in her own unique way and IF young girl didn't stop and talk to her, I wouldn't have put it past her to run after her & buzz her with her voice or something of the like. 

Ordinarily I would have been totally embarrassed for sing-songing HI to said stranger. I would have mumbled a "sorry wrong person" and hurried away, head hanging in shame. OH THE SHAME!

But. Not. Today.

Today as I realised that this young girl was NOT C. A started a silly conversation: 

Me: "Oh sorry I thought you were C"
Girl: "No. Did you think I was CS"
Me: "Yeah. So you know C"
Girl: {looking at me strangely}  
Me: "So do you work with C"
Girl: "No…." backing away as fast as she could
Me: "No matter. I'll see you later then"

Girl last seen tearing off through the shopping centre as I happily pushed my trolley out the door.

As I sat in my car, berating myself for being so stupid AND how could I mix up the two as they didn't really look anything alike. It occurred to me that I was turning into my Nanny. 

I came home and related the story to my husband who, when I shared my lightbulb moment, shook his head and sighed and said "God help us all" 

{for the record: my hubby LOVED my nan. his reaction was probably more due to the fact I was beyond excited that I had developed some Quirk. Because you know; I didn't have any to start with ROFL!}
So this moment has got me thinking - I might share a few stories with you over the coming weeks, because this woman was the epitome of AWESOME. I mean. I try really hard and I have nothing on her level of AWESOME.     

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Sarah said...

It's lovely to share memories Car - I've written several posts about my Grandparents and I've loved remembering and setting it down forever - looking forward to more posts about yours x