Thursday, January 9, 2014

Another High

I mentioned toward the end of November that I had been busy writing and re-writing and assessment for my Creative Writing Course. I could do no more for the piece and knowing time was pressing prior to Christmas close down - I sent it off with trepidation. It normally takes 3 week turn around and I knew I was cutting it fine with Christmas looming and I checked and re-checked my emails eagerly awaiting my results. 

A few days prior to Christmas I received an email to say the collage was closed for the holidays and still no result. I faced a holiday season of unknowing and uncertainty. For suddenly all the issues while writing my initial piece buzzed around my mind. What if it sucked. What if I bombed. Trying to tell myself that a CREDIT would be sufficient - I've always said a Pass will be enough. I pushed those feelings of unease aside and enjoyed a well deserved break away from the computer and away from the books. 

The day after the college re-opened an email FINALLY arrived and with it my marks. 

IMG 6838























It would appear I had all that worry over NOTHING! I must say this has built my confidence levels up a notch and with the arrival of a new badge (pictured below) my dreams of becoming a real bona fida author feel as though they are nearly within my grasp.   

IMG 6840

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Sarah said...

Well done Car, you should be incredibly proud of all your hard work :-) x