Sunday, January 5, 2014

Entering 2014!

As the clock ticked over and closed the book on 2013; I snored gently in bed, snuggled in my doona in an air-conditioned room, blissfully unaware that another number was now in force.

Casting aside previous years where I diligently revisited old goals and set new ones on the eve of the new year. This year I ignored it all - I kept repeating one small word which has become my word for 2014... FOCUS.

In 2014 I need to FOCUS all my energies on my studies. I have 7 assignments to complete in 8 months (creative writing) as well as 8 photography assignments to finish! It will be a very busy first half of the year. Tomorrow kicks off my return to writing. I've taken time off to get over the silly season and I've written nothing except for a few mindless entries in my daily journal.

I am scared that the 400 words I aim to write as the sun rises tomorrow morning will allude me, but I am ready to squeeze them out. I am ready to write 5 days a week for as long as it takes. 

I stare at my desk beside me - the draw isn't closing properly and I feel inundated with *stuff* my first task for the week ahead will be to sort through the paperwork shoved haphazardly in this tray! My parents (absolute gems) managed to find me some family history but in the crazy of Christmas it got thrown into the tray to be sorted and now I'm faced with a huge mess.    

IMG 6821














I want to spend more time researching the family tree this year, there are elderly relatives I intend on visiting and I think I may bite the bullet and buy an Ancestry subscription. This new pile is mainly information on my fathers fathers side of the family and is traced back to the 1500's. Whereas the side I am writing about I've only managed to get back to the early 1800's. I can foresee a day later this month collating what information I have collected and slowly adding to it over the coming years. 

This year I am planning to spend MORE time on my blogs and LESS time on Facebook. I am hoping "Facebook Free Friday" and "Screen Free Sunday" (yes I realise the irony of blogging on a Sunday) will free up my time to be more creative.   

I have to admit it feels weird to be using FOCUS as my word and yet I dot feel like I am focused on achieving any ONE goal for the year ahead. Maybe this will be the year I manage to harness the swirling mess that is my mind and weave it into something fabulous. I can only dream right?  

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