Saturday, January 11, 2014

Larger than Life itself!

After four years, I sometimes find myself wondering if my late Nan really was larger than life itself. Or have I conjured an image to immortalise her bigger than she really was within my mind?

Isn't it funny how the years go by and with it the memories get a little fuzzy around the edges. The image of what you thought you remember fades like an old photograph.

You dream of what she once was and inside your mind she is this crazy lady, shades of YOU today mingling with the HER of yesterday.  Where does one end and the other begin. Where do I leave my crazy at the door and open the door to her line of crazy?

Today I found that door.

All those images, thoughts, memories and craziness were indeed true. Amongst a pile of fabric I was sorting I stumbled across two lone letters addressed to me.  

The first is addressed to "my sweet little car, of all my world" the letter itself filled with every day news from her previous week - a "stone motherless last" at a hand of cards and at the end she asks me about a song and I quote "Did you ever hear it. Well if not I will sing it for you. Wacko!! HAY? Something to look forward to. Bet you can't wait"     

She was such a card that woman! 

The second letter I opened and I smiled and nearly cried at the same time. She wrote the first paragraph in backhand.

IMG 6853















She wrote "Dear Car - Just a page of backhand to see if you remember it" 

This letter was signed "Nanning ton"

It amazes how one little lady could have seemed to big in personality. She really was a beautiful soul - if a little crazy (& I'm guessing now you know where I get it from!) I am so super glad that I thought to keep ALL of her letters she sent me. While the letters I hold will never replace the larger than life woman she once was, it feels good to have a small piece of her essence to remind me.  

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