Monday, February 17, 2014

Back to Reality

Last week was one of those weeks and I decided rather than dwell on everything that went wrong, it was time to move on. Once I wrote about how I had been feeling and followed that up with a subsequent blog post - I felt cleared to start the new week and I sat and I wrote every single conceivable thing I had to do this week in my diary. The list was HUGE!

Doing that seemed to be just the kick up the you know what I needed. Yesterday after a delightfully de-stressing day with my 2 BFF's I headed for the shops to get on top of the groceries for the week. I walked in and very nearly walked back out. It was a freaking mad house. I couldn't find the fruit and veg I was after so I decided to adjust my sails and went wandering on through the shop, settling on a 15 min stop at the fruit shop this morning (far easier to deal with).

It didn't deter me there was no bread. That's okay we shall make do with grain bread (my family are fusspots when it comes to grains in their breads… me I'd prefer it but I tend to bow to the masses) I told Miss K that the grain bread was made by Helga and this seemed to placate her woes and I noticed she gobbled up all her toast this morning. What a shame my name isn't Helga! 

This morning I hit the ground running, thongs on (because my toes hurt in running shoes and really they don't go with my denim skirt!) I've done the errands and started tackling the ever growing pile of housework around me (except the floors), I finished up some work and I wrote. 

My friend asked me yesterday if I need to put my story on the back burner while I attempt to churn through the assignments I need to finish. I stopped and wondered and  thought I don't need to stop, if anything the more I write for my story - the more I'm actually flicking the switch on my creative brain. I am hopeful that daily writing will flow down into my assignments and that when I'm faced with one like now "Write a Setting" I should be able to sit and write without panicking and writing a 3 page document (that now needs reducing to 1 page - double spacing!)



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