Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dear Wednesday… you suck!

I had high hopes for you Wednesday - and you dashed them all away, 
Planning to run and jump and leap; small buildings in gigantic bounds.
I opened my eyes and sighed; and yelled - its only bloody Wednesday.
Watching the clock tick by slowly, I've plummeted to the ground.

Still searching for motivation at lunch before noon. 
It's hump day, get ready for the downhill slide, 
to the weekend not far from here, I'm sure it'll be here soon.
I will survive this Wednesday, if I shall but sit and bide.


Dear Car, you also suck - at poetry!

Speaking of poetry - I need to keep on practicing seeing how I need to submit a limerick or two and a poem with Stanzas on an upcoming assignment! Yeah, who can see the big fat fail coming right up!!! 

Alas Wednesday has been well and truly kicking my butt. A day of study and I've not started yet. Its been a funny sort of day - the type I could have rolled over and kept on sleeping. Late to rise, on the back foot when I realised there were lunches to prepare and no bread in the house. I didn't feel like writing over breakfast (*stamps* foot in temper, how's that chain treating you Car?) and it was much later by the time the TV was switched off to relish in the lingering silence - which incidentally was quickly replaced with my "hurry up & get ready" mumma voice.

We arrived to School on time but then the day has become a stop start pain in the butt - first a search for the perfect cupboard, home and a chat with hubby, a quick Facebook stopover and then a drive BACK to the Island to meet a plumber, I only went because hubby promised me a coffee. And I needed him to carry the new cupboard (which I ended up carrying to the car by myself…!) A lunch date, a declaration of Why bother when I'm already so far behind, and home again home again jiggly jig! 

To more computer wasting, then time out to sit and blog which has turned into a musing post about all that wasted time and nothing to show for it.

Does the poem above count toward creativity? A little perhaps?

I thinking I should make Wednesday my Rhythm day. The day to create non-sensical poems to be blogged. I can only improve right?

Reality dictates I should have given in at the beginning of the day read this book (required for study) perhaps that's how I will spend the next hour. Reading and pretending I can salvage some of this wasted day!  

IMG 7062


















So how's your day treating you?

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LittleWhiteDove said...

I hope Thursday is being kinder to you than Wednesday x