Tuesday, March 18, 2014

OotB - week 1.


WEEK ONE: Day In The Life – pick a character. It can be a new character, or and existing one. The only character it can’t be is the main character of a current WIP. Tell me about their day. It can be in any format you wish. Diary. Letters. Email. Any length. For new characters, you may if you wish include up to 150 words of backstory if it will make the main piece make more sense.

Before the dawn when all is dark,
his rising snores were heard.
Drowning out the sweet birdsong,
unaware of the raucous birds.

As sun peaked round his curtain drapes,
and warmed upon his face. His pain
pierced through his squinted eyes,
as tight bands squeezed his brain.

He stood and wobbled about the room,
the drums camped in his head.
His stomach began its revolt,
he swallowed it down instead.

She met him with an icy glare,
and shook her head in sorrow.
He walked on past regretfully,
for he’d drunken all his ‘morrows.

The day went on, he barely lived
kept busy with his chores,
Closed his eyes and while he worked,
he dreamed of places more.

The sun sunk low in the western sky,
the bottle raised to wet his lips.
Survival of another day,
the Tale of his first sips.


I’ll be honest here - I started this prompt last week with my secondary major character and I couldn’t seem to articulate it what it was I had to say about her day. When I reached 600 words and she’d only just risen from bed, I shoved it aside and decided to use it as one of my writing prompts to be expanded and added to the overall story later.

Thus it left me with nothing to share for this prompt. I had a mini brainwave late last week and grabbed a piece of paper and started scribbling words. It was supposed to be a “list poem” I thought detailing my minor characters day as a list might work well for this. Yesterday I finally had a chance to sit with the scribbled words and after a little tweaking here and there, I ended up with the above poem. I actually didn’t want it to rhyme, but some of the lines just rolled off my pencil - which meant I had to go back and adjust those stanzas that didn’t rhyme. I should also add I have a head cold so what I’m writing & reading through my fuzzy brain may be absolute nonsense to you. It still needs MUCH editing, but for now I’m happy to send it live and get cracking on Week 2 prompt!


Miss Dove said...

Love it! Very evocative. Thanks for playing!

becanne said...

Gave me goosebumps.

Do more of this.