Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Show us your manners - ya' drongo!

Drongo; A dim-witted, slow person or fool. 

Meaning taken from The Lingo Dictionary. My mum gave me a copy and to be honest, I'm unsure if it's because I may need to refer to it whilst writing the family history (our family does use a lot of Aussie Slang) or perhaps she is keen to refine my language and steer me far from the Effs and Sheesh's?























Maybe Drongo is not the correct terminology to use in my little story, perhaps it is too harsh a term because the woman wasn't really a fool. However I have already uploaded the picture (& this blog posts has been in drafts for weeks - so in it stays) A reminder to all those who cross me - I might just be heard calling you a drongo! 


Now let me share my (rather) embarrassing moment; in which even though I was admittedly - completely and utterly in the WRONG - I still found myself astounded at a fellow persons lack of MANNERS!

A quick trip to the local Grocery store and after unpacking the groceries onto the conveyer belt - I did that weird contortionist move of squeezing your body between the wall behind and the trolley and counter in front. After disentangling my limbs I pushed it forward but I wasn't exactly watching what I was doing… you know where this is going right? 

So the trolley rolls forward and JUST as I turn around I watch it go BUMP right into the ladies *ahem* backside, in front of me.

I was mortified and before she'd turned to me I was apologetic and saying "Oh god I'm SO, SO Sorry. I wasn't watching what I was doing."

Now for the record - I didn't use the voice my 6yo is prone to when she flounces off to her room with a flippant "SORRY" over her shoulder at me - my sorry was genuine. I was horrified and I apologised profusely to the lady. 

To which she proceeded to give me a Death Stare, then completely ignored me as she turned away. 

I was so shocked as I stood there, face burning. 

I know I was in the wrong and even though it was CLEARLY an accident, I was flabbergasted that my apology didn't even warrant a reply. A simple nod would have sufficed.

Thinking about it a few weeks later - it still bugs me greatly that she couldn't acknowledge my obvious distress at what was an accident. I have taken into account all the what if's and I know myself have used a death stare on people and bitten my tongue when I've been having a bad day (but those times were warranted when I was dealing with real life Drongos) perhaps the point I'm missing is this lady saw ME as the DRONGO and as such decided I was not worthy of her response? 

All I know is I was taught MANNERS when I was growing up, the same MANNERS I am trying to instil in my 6yo and I get mighty cranky when I hear how its said that "kids these days don't have any manners" when I am faced with adults that don't have any either. Maybe I am expecting far too much from people!   

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