Monday, March 17, 2014

Some days are just CRAPPY!

*because some of you asked so nicely…. here's the crapper story I wrote last week! 

Some days you shouldn't get out of bed. Today has been one of those days!

I have PMT and I am tired and irritable. And mighty uncomfortable. I couldn't afford to take another day off from study so I am powering through and opting to revise a tutorial. Needless to say I have post it notes coming out of the wazoo.

Before racing off to on the School run this morning, I went to the toilet and as I flushed the water went UP instead of down. "Oh shit its filling the bowl," yells I. Seriously that wasn't meant to be a pun… like I would talk about my own… *ahem*

Anyways I pop out to see hubby & he is facing the same issues with the office toilet. Except he keeps testing it. Fool… 

I race off to School & end up under the only rain cloud on the Island, which left the girl and I both thoroughly drenched (even with our brollies) and I craved nothing more than to come home to a nice warm shower; maybe curl up on the couch under the miserable grey skies and sleep off my mood and pain. 

Meanwhile hubby was at home dealing with a crappy mess {pun totally intended} you see we live semi rural and with it come the joys of country living; meaning we aren't connected to the town sewerage network and instead had to pay to install a REALLY EXPENSIVE sewerage unit. On the plus side - it pumps out crystal clear water over our always green back yard!  

Hubby opening the lid to inspect it is met with a nearly overflowing tank & utters "oh shit."  

"Oh Shit" says I when he rings to deliver the news. 

No showers. No toilet stops. No Washing the clothes (well that's a GOOD thing) No running taps. I swear it was like a return to the dark ages! 

After waiting FIVE hours I rushed to the neighbours house, "Can I use your loo PLEASE?" she giggled at my obvious state of distress. Yeah giggle now - I be about to explode everywhere. Hormonal bloating + no toilet for 5 hours = a very uncomfortable and very miserable girl!  

More waiting until finally at the 6th hour the repair dude turns up. "Crappy job huh" {the puns just keep on keeping on with this one!}

$350 later our tank is now back in full working order and no longer does hubby need to stand curb side like Cousin Eddie. 


Not that hubby did stand curb side pumping; the whole day just reminded me of the movie and I found this one youtube and it seemed fitting!  


Sarah said...

Oh god Car, what a crap thing to happen, really shitty .... Ok, I'll stop now :-) Glad it's all back in working order now and I shall have new respect for my connected to the mains loo from now on (although it's not completely connected to the floor but that's another story!!).

becanne said...

Oh the joy!
I pictured your hubby standing there flushing the toilet over and over again... :)
With a small boy in the house we have more issues with the septic than ever before, and now DH has a special 'hook' hidden in the garden right beside the septic tank for emergency 'poking'.