Friday, April 18, 2014

{April Moon 2014: day 1} Courage

The lovely Kat is once again hosting a reflective writing meme - I have participated in Reverb the past two years and have found it to be both uplifting and inspiring. It was a no-brainer when this landed in my inbox, Im just a few days late starting but hope to catch up on the first four days over the long weekend.

Day 1: Courage

I am hopeful that I can find the courage to face the future and whatever it may have in store for me. Currently I am in the process of making a few major health decisions, ones I have not wanted to contemplate these past three years as I recovered and worked my way through previous battles and issues. The time has come to begin preparing my self for these decisions and I figure even if they are a year or two down the track, I need to face my fears starting now. I need courage to face my fears because my fears exacerbate my anxieties and then it becomes a vicious circle.

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Kat McNally said...

Lovely to see you again, Car!
And good on you for summoning the courage to make some major decisions that will impact your health. That's huge! And hopefully very rewarding. x