Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Shoving my head in the sand…

The last couple of weeks I've had a few niggling thoughts of the future filter through my mind and last night it all came tumbling out. After I'd said my peace I felt a release of tension and an instant headache formed as melancholy settled around me. At this stage it is time to weight up my options, list the pros and cons of future treatment and look onward - toward a different but hopefully a more healthy future. At the moment its all a little raw within as I mull over my decision and consider my steps forward as well as starting to gather an arsenal of information so today I would like to hide from the world and not think about something I can't change "right now." I will share more when I can find the right words, but for now… how about I share what I do do when all I want to do is stick my head in the sand.

Since High School I have been fascinated with crystals and healing. 















My husband actually groans whenever we go to Montville because most times I duck into the shops there & will come home with a small book and a new crystal. Little does he know that there is a store right next to our School that sells crystal jewellery. Meh - I usually only wear my wedding set, and NEVER request ANY type of real jewellery, so a small splurge on a bracelet here, a necklace there - he should be thanking me for saving him money!

Years and years ago I was going through a rough time (while we were trying to conceive Miss K) and I stumbled across a deck of Oracle cards. I've only ever dabbled with them but usually pull them out when I'm struggling to make sense of something. I pulled them down last week and the cards are so glorious and pretty - they inspired me to replicate one of them as a painting (ok so not a very GOOD painting!) As I stared at the cards, one thing led to another and next thing I know I had visited book depository and purchased a set of Tarot. I KNOW - how does that happen??? I've never owned a set of Tarot cards and I don't really know how to read the cards either - I just know they provide an outlet and make me feel better when I'm processing some heavy mind numbing stuffs.  

Super speedy delivery from Book Depository meant they arrived today and I can't wait to get stuck in and read about them. Or at any rate - look at the pretty pictures on each card and incorporate some elements into my journals.















They even came with a book for beginners.















So now you know that I am somewhat crazy - reaching out for something out of the ordinary just to appease my muddled mind!

While I don't need to sit here and justify the reasons behind why I purchased this little set; there is one other VERY PERTINENT REASON!!! I stumbled across a pin here that suggested using a layout for writing characters and using Tarot cards - INGENIOUS! I don't think I will get this small purchase past the accountant as a Writing Expense (you know should I ever become a published writer) but its good to know I have a fallback option as to why I simply HAD to buy this pack of cards! 

I'm wondering - do you ever turn to something left field when you can't balance your mindset? 

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