Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Procrastination and Procreation on my mind

When I went to the library a few weeks back, I found a book that looked interesting and I decided to borrow it and see if it could help me in finding the motivation I need to get me through the final two months of study.


Can I tell you a secret? Ordinarily I borrow these books from the library and then return them after 3 (or even 6!) weeks without reading a single line. It’s almost like I am addicted to borrowing any and ALL writing help books but none of them give me the help I need.

Except this one.

It is a basic format, minimal pages and broken down into chapters. The author is coaching you to write and offers several insights into achieving that dream. After reading through it I found so many areas that I could incorporate into my own writing that I pulled out some A4 sheets and jotted down cliff notes on each.

If you are looking for a “how to” this book is not for you. Instead the author offers a toolbox of writing tips.

The first chapter had a paragraph on Procrastination. I am the QUEEN of PROCRASTINATION. Ironic really that I neglected the housework yesterday in order to read about & take notes on procrastination!

The next paragraph was a brief excerpt about Procreation. The actual meaning “to have offspring or create something” in this case the latter.

Both terms got me thinking…

I procrastinate terribly well. I work best to a deadline, but I tend to fall to pieces somewhere in the middle. Take the housework for example. Parents are coming to visit & I just KNOW they will lob on the doorstep at 8am. I will race around and clean the house at 7am and be closing doors to the laundry as they pull into the drive. It matters not that I have known about this visit for the last 2 weeks – I am a last minute cleaning fanatic.

As for Procreation, in some areas I suck at this (we all know how well the epic trying for baby number 2 ended) but in terms of creative endeavours I have created a lot of beautiful words on pages. They may not be beautifully pieced together, but they are recorded and in that alone it is beautiful.

Yet still I know I can do better than I do.

I have spent the better part of the past 3 years searching for something. Trying to fill a gaping hole with something gigantic. The search has been relentless and while all this has gone down, somewhere between my procrastinating and procreating – the hole has slowly filled. Actually its completely stuffed full, like a Thanksgiving turkey, and it is only now after spending a day in contemplation that I have been able to see the bigger picture.

My search is nearing an end.  

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