Monday, August 11, 2014

Red marks

Did you notice my absence? I wish I could tell you I was head down-bum up writing like a crazy woman in order to get these final few assignments submitted, but in actual fact I’ve been fighting off a series of ailments that have slowed me down. Last week I finally emerged from my Man-flu cave and searched high and low for a red pen.

Why is it, you can NEVER find a red pen when its most needed? Lucky for me I had a tonne of writing to do before I needed to start using this baby.   


With a once off housekeeper to clean the floors I sat with my 5 pages of notes and edited first draft and set about handwriting those 1000 words. Adding imagery and structure and balancing this one scene. Several hours later I had hand picked words scrawled across the page and I quickly typed them all in before hitting print and racing out the door for School. The next day dawned and with a house that was sparkling I picked up that red pen and attacked my words I’d so diligently chosen the previous day. I crossed out lines, added more words and noted things in the margins. Every few moments I’d jump on Google and search a pertinent historical fact. I cursed at my lack of research. Aside from these edits, I also revised 3 pages of essay questions. I put the pages aside for several days and this morning after sending the family out on an errand I have been busy moving my words around on the page. I think one final revision and edit and I will be ready to send this assignment off tomorrow.


I am so darn close to finishing this course now, I can practically taste the freedom that will bring. No longer will I have stacks of books piled high teetering over my head as I write with abandon. I will no longer have pages laid out across my study waiting to be prettified by my red pen. I will return to some form of sanity where I can actually think straight.


Instead when this is all finished I will be laying out index cards and coloured cards to track scenes in my novel. I will be plotting and writing and researching. Eventually I will have hundreds of sheets of words marked with red, books balancing as I re-enact this whole process all over again as my story slowly comes to life and nears its completion. And if I’m honest with myself I’m really looking forward to those coming days.

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