Sunday, October 19, 2014

#eek I did it...

I've been bleating about it. 

I've been dreaming about it. 

I've been planning it. 

Finally today I signed up and pressed enter on my Novel blurb and its all official.

Lets not mention how I've already edited my mini synopsis which I only uploaded 15mins ago. 
Lets not mention how I've attempted this twice before & failed miserably each time. 

This year I feel as if I'm ready. 
This year I have planned my time
This year I have a good grasp of my plot and after a rush of {beer induced} inspiration on Friday night I now have 20 scenes ready to write and I'm sure there are a tonne more that will evolve as I write this story. 

Tell me I'm not crazy? 

The family have been advised that I expect there full support next month as I'm head down, bum up writing toward my goal - to which they asked if they get a cleaner in NOW. 

I have even cleared a space on my desk so I can think straight and dive right in. All I need now is some blue tack as I propose to pin my scene cards to the back of the door as I go and a little luck that I can keep up the steam for the entire month. 

Wish me luck & do tell me if you too are planning on joining this crazy month of Marathon writing? 

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Sarah said...

Good luck Car - I got the email inviting me to join but I just don't have anything right now. I'll be watching how you get on and rooting for you all the way x