Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Killing time or Procrastinating?

If you follow me on Instagram – you will have seen these pictures! I call them my “killing time till NaNoWriMo kicks off” OR “Procrastinating at its finest”

Before the weekend, while working through my Ready, Set, Novel workbook I came across a page for the villain and I freaked. While the bones of my idea are cemented I stared at this page in despair and the best I could come up with was “Who is the Villain?”

By Thursday I nearly pulled the pin on the whole darn idea – I mean who sets out with the intention of writing a whole NOVEL when they have no antagonist?


I needn’t have worried – Friday night as I sank onto the couch to watch back to back McLods with beer in each hand the ideas started to flow. Suddenly I found myself darting back and forward to my study, scrawling out really basic scene cards.

Saturday the ideas simply flowed. Armed with some basic supplies I even colour coded my scene cards! More on this later in the week!


Yesterday I was so excited I even created a visual station in my study. The old whiteboard which hasn’t been updated in a year :O had a little makeover, complete with a washi tape edged NaNo calendar. I am if NOTHING else an over-achiever… wait until you see what else I’ve done in preparation!  


What do you think? Killing time or Procrastinating? Considering I can’t officially start writing until Saturday 1st, I am really trying to use my time wisely over the coming days (lets not mention the hours spent on Pinterest, twitter and Instagram seeing how others are prepping okay?)

In the meantime I am writing – continuing on with the little mystery / horror piece, I’m back to only 500 words a day, handwritten to get in practice for what I hope will be a month of handwritten words.  

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Sarah said...

I'd call it planning Car and the more you do now hopefully the easier it will be next month. Wishing you lots of luck with this and looking forward to hearing how it goes!