Sunday, October 26, 2014

#nanoprep – Timing and Plans

Following on from my NaNoWriMo My Approach post a couple of weeks ago, I have been busy
plotting and planning and hoping that I can keep the momentum tracking when I actually have to “WRITE” words. Especially when I consider how many words I have not written this past week *sobs*

In the above post I mentioned creating a calendar from iCal. While it probably would have been easier to create and colour code the calendar on the computer – it would have messed up my daily work tasks that I already have entered. Instead I pulled out my coloured pencils and my blank sheet along with my scrawled mess and I started colouring in blocks.

The Purple is the important colour – it is my writing time. I have painstakingly stolen 2.5 hours a day (except for Thursdays) comprised of 30 mins while eating breakfast when I intend to plan.  An hour after the morning School run armed with my morning coffee and a second hour in the afternoon with the next coffee.

I am hoping to treat it as I would a real job. I intend to clock on / clock off at those times and keep my social life at an absolute MINIMUM. I’ve even worked out that if I do coffee on a Friday, I can spend 2 hours at the local library (which is one block from the school which will save on driving time.) Note also the housework will be at minimum levels. I have warned the family.

The blue blocks are my work hours and seeing how it is so bleeping busy there at the moment I can already foresee those two precious (blank) hours on Wednesday morning being taken up with bookwork. Weekends are blissfully free of restraints – however I’ve just realised I have both a tentative birthday party + an excursion to the speedway ALL ON DAY 1!!!


I’ve started detailing the beginning, the middle and the end; as well as adding technical notes  (eg. suggested scene lengths / chapter length etc) Pretty much anything I come across on Pinterest,Writing websites or Writing textbooks that I think might come in handy during November.


In the back of the book I will be handwriting my story in, I have stuck a Free NaNoWriMo Tracker (printed in booklet form) stuck in using pretty Washi tape of course. 


In the front of this book, I have also printed a mini synopses of my story. I’m choosing NOT to share that unless you are in my inner circle of BETA readers!

SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST {shouting because I am so darn excited about this part…) a couple of weeks ago – I had but a small nugget of an idea. This idea had no tentacles nor was I sure why I wanted to write it then after a drink one night a single scene idea sprang to mind. Before I knew it that scene had multiplied and by the end of the next day I had 20 scenes for the first part. I still have A LONG way to go to plot the 2nd and final acts – but for now I am happy with this start because if I can aim to write a scene per day – that’s 20 days of word counts up my sleeve already. 


And yeah – sorry about the blurred words ;) I’m not ready to share my initial idea or plotting just yet in the off chance the story doesn’t work. I’m sure if you hang about you will pick up snippets of my story as I am intending on sharing a few excerpts each week during the month.

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