Friday, October 17, 2014

Nightmares born; and Dreams are realised

I have alluded to the fact that I have been trying to write daily in order to get into the routine and eventually attempt NaNoWriMo this year. Over the holidays, mindlessly surfing Facebook, I stumbled across an article “20 Places Where nightmares are born” you can read the article here

Personally while I didn’t think the places were that “scary” I thought it might be fun to challenge myself to write a little short story about each – using the pictures as visual stimulation. I expected to write between 1000 and 5000 on each story and for it to be purely an exercise in writing where I’m not chained to expectations.

The first two days I started writing a piece about the hanging dolls - The Island of Dolls and I got about 940 words before I felt something was missing. So on day 3 I wrote 367 words on my second choice Villisca Ax Murder House and then before I could consider what I was doing sent it to my Beta who came back with “keep writing” so I did.


Each day I have sat for an hour with a personal challenge to add 500 words (part of my#writechain commitment) and each day I have managed to achieve between 800 – 1200 words.

This story – one I purely started for practice purposes only - has evolved and out of nowhere I find myself staring down at 12,000 words and realising that it is fast becoming a novella. The first day I chose to write with adequate description, carefully handpicking words before typing them across the screen. As the days wore on and my story began to take shape, I was suddenly getting ideas popping into my brain at obscure times and I now have a tentative climax / ending and know what word count I’d like to achieve.

This little horror / mystery piece has consumed me like I never expected and I feel I am living and dreaming about these characters (to the point I really did have a nightmare the other night – its been YEARS since I had one last!)

Isn’t it wonderful when you start writing something “just because” and suddenly it takes a mind of its own and fulfils a mini dream.    

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Sarah said...

It's the vest feeling in the world Car. I've never committed to anything that big, just the odd short piece of fiction but at some point, who knows ...

Keep writing, keep living the dream and one day it will be reality x