Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sick days and listening closely

I am in serious countdown mode to November 1st and I am so darn excited that I may have been caught out flooding social media with “everything NaNo” in the past week or more. I have about 6 blog posts up my sleeve for the coming 9 days about my #nanoprep then I plan to bunker down and write like a crazy lady come November.


Are you excited??? 

Last week my ideas were buzzing, each day I would sit quietly and plan my story. Then I would sit and write each afternoon for an hour – adding more and more words to my murder mystery, writing practice. To keep my creative muscles flowing at peak.

Then I get a day like yesterday. And another today. And it all feels like it is too hard.

Yesterday as a change in hormones spiked, my body collapsed with fatigue. With a spaced out mind set and ripples of pain across my chest and back, I could barely stand up to make dinner and when I realised I STILL had to change my daughters sheets at 7pm – I nearly cried. The fatigue is *that* bad. This of course had a flow on effect and my writing session yesterday was put on the backburner and I maybe managed 100 words for the day.

Today the fatigue and general fuzzy brain have eased but have been replaced with pain. Today I feel as though my hips are going to blow out. Ever been in the early stages of labour? That’s how I felt this morning – not a pain as much as a slow burning between my hips and feeling as though I’d somehow turned into a big fat hippo. Sigh.

With a full day of work planned – the pain was NOT welcome. With the pain, my work output decreases, which then *flow on effect again* means I have MORE work to do tomorrow (or next week).

And writing today? Yeah hasn’t happened. YET! Tonight if I can manage to do more than just hold the phone in front of my face, I will set myself up on the couch with headphones and write while the family watch the idiot box – surprisingly I am pretty good at tuning out – even without wearing headphones!

Which brings me to the whole point of this post. Sick Days. I have learnt enough over the years of when to listen to my body and when to push on. If I choose to spend these 2 “sick” days – pushing on and working through the pain – I could effectively end up doubling the recovery time and lose a week of productivity.

Two days in NaNo time means 3,334 words.

Four days in NaNo time means 6,668 words.

A week in NaNo time means 11,669 words.

Of course I could let these figures stir up anxious feelings and just quite while I’m ahead declaring “No its all too hard for me this year”. BUT there is a small and bloody determined part of me that is saying “I can bloody well do this, I need to do it so help me – I will do what I can”

Which is why… I have decided right this moment, that I will try and push for a higher daily word count in the first two weeks. If I surpass the 1667 daily count and write another 333 words – it means I can easily take those days that my mind or body won’t co-operate and REST UP.

Or if I decide that I will push through – you may find me in bed with the lap top typing away furiously. Which won’t really go with my whole idea of handwriting this entire storyline. Either way, I look forward to what the coming month will bring.

And hey – when I hit the half way stage next month (or even the first week) & I start to flail. Can you PLEASE do me a huge favour and direct me back to these posts. These posts will be my own #nanoprep

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becanne said...

Shhh - don't tell anyone, but why not start early and bank those words for the days when you just can't?