Friday, October 31, 2014

T minus 10 hours...

As I went to bed last night, my house in disarray, my body fatigued and my head overwhelmed with everything I need action urgently. I lay my head down and picked up my book. I have been struggling to find time to read this past month and I had but a few chapters in my Mary Higgins Clark book to finish. To be honest I was at the point with the book that I wanted to throw it against the wall, it was long and dragged on and I didn't manage to connect to the characters at all. As I turned pages rapidly, the clock ticked past 10pm. My eyes watered with tiredness. At 10:30, my body had fallen asleep around me, only my brain was on to take in the final pages as I read faster still to discover the killer.

At 10 to 11 I finally closed the book with a sigh, uttered worst ending ever before turning my light off and going to sleep.

An hour later I was still tossing and turning. No matter how tired I had been, my mind would not shut up. I blame the late afternoon coffee for that little episode (any coffees drunk past 4pm usually leaves me a shaky mess come midnight)

As I lay there my body shaking as it fought fatigue and the coffee stimulation - my mind started considering my new novel and mentally considering what I thought would be a good first line hook. Then a better beginning came to me. If I rolled over and went to sleep, I knew that this brianwave would be lost in the previous days memories - what was I to do? Nearing midnight with my hubby gently snoring beside me, I knew if I got up or turned the light on, he would be super annoyed with me - so I gently groped in the dark around my bedside table and found a lone notebook and pen and I started slowly scrawling.

Laboriously writing the main points of my brilliant idea. NOT writing the beginning because that would be cheating - just listing a few words I considered as I thought of the scene. I replaced the book and I rolled over to go to sleep.

The ideas continued to zap inside my head until I finally willed myself to sleep, hoping that any lingering thoughts would be with me when I awoke. They were and this morning I pulled out the notebook (pleasantly surprised at how neat my midnight darkness chicken-scratch actually was) and I lamented that if it were 1st Nov today I could get started as these ideas are fresh in my mind. Alas I must wait another 10 hours (18 if we add a little sleep in there) and tomorrow I start.

Am I ready?

Today I'm wishing for an extra day to do more research, more plotting, more character development. Alas tomorrow is nearly here and as I write over the coming weeks, I will just have to plan it as I go. I'm hoping against hope that I have done "enough" for the initial momentum needed.

And if I fail?

NO matter what word count I achieve it will be MORE than I had at the beginning.

Stay with me in November - I still have more NaNoPrep posts to share, I'll be sharing some of my writing excerpts (if they are any good) and basically using this place as my connection to real life. If you are out there reading - pop by and say Hi - remind me that there are REAL people in the world not attempting such CRAZY feats!  

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