Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When NaNoPrep gets Matchy!

I won't lie... NaNoWriMo Prep here has gone a little CRAZY!

Way back at the beginning of the year I stumbled across a pile of Composition Books at Officeworks in Australia. They were super cheap at $2.04 each and even though they were definitely NOT the same quality as you'd buy on Amazon, at that price who would complain.

I bought TWO. Yes two. When I realised that I should have bought MORE, I went back and they had NONE IN STOCK *sobs* Of course by that stage I had decided I simply HAD to have the Composition books to write my stories in. I don't know what it is about the simple marble covers - I go weak at the knee and well when I get an idea in my head I'm like a dog with a bone.

Alas there was no stock in ANY of the stores I went to and I eventually settled for Lego Friends Composition books when they went on sale at Big Dubs. Although they were NOT the same nor were they the awesome price of $2.04.

A few weeks ago, I dragged my husband on an errand to Officeworks, I had a list of *needs* for NaNoPrep and it was there - tucked away on the bottom shelf a stack of them. I did what any sane person does and squealed a little and stacked my basket full. Okay so I only bought 4 (& truth be told I only needed ONE for this NaNo!)

Later that same day I went to Kmart and OMG, OMG, OMG...


A matching Composition book, except this one was A4 subject notebook. (on the left) Exactly what I needed for research purposes this NaNo. Aren't they so PRETTY side by side?

I have added labels to each of the tabs down the side.
* Tech notes: for recording writing info / inspiration / scene mapping etc
* Creatures: its my first attempt at Fantasy and I have a bible of beasts to research!
* Places: for all my research on the setting(s)
* Notes: anything that pops up in my mind.
* References: to note any books I use for research. Inspiring books read etc.

On the inside front cover - I have colour coded main characters and scenes. These are interlinked with my scene cards on my corkboard of post-its I shared yesterday.  Don't go getting too excited about the names - I've already had to change one of them due to not paying attention to details.

On the back cover of the A4 is my weekly timetable. 

And on the inside of my composition notebook is my working title + a basic synopsis. 

Needless to say with only FOUR days to go, I am getting a little bit excited. I had a mega planning session on the couch last night and went to bed buzzing with ideas. I even dreamt the first line which I had my daughter jot down for me in the car this morning when it came back to me. 

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becanne said...

I'm getting excited about this now too.
I'm expecting something to read at camp!