Monday, October 13, 2014

Writer or Advocate?

I haven’t been sharing my health woes of late, mainly because I felt I was becoming a broken record – and because this little corner of my world has become my sanctuary. My sounding board; filled with all my hopes and dreams of one day becoming a famous writer.

Yet I’ve been battling the two sides of the coin – one one side this is MY place to raise awareness of the disease I’m waging a daily war against as well it is also where I come to share my writing progress. While the two seem worlds apart – to me they feel they go hand in hand. As I write and delve into the deepest parts of my soul then share those words on this blog, I hope that it helps someone out there feel less alone in their own journey. Yet as I’ve explored my own depths I discovered a singular core within me that has erupted and made me a writer.

The reason I’m battling?

On one hand – if I do (somehow) become a famous author – will I feel comfortable having my personal life splashed across the internet and be known as the “famous author who has endo” or can I use that to my advantage and raise more awareness?

Is that being professional enough?

Should I have two separate entities?

On the other hand – I have a friend (on Facebook) who is battling her own disease and at the moment she is raising funds for that disease through her music. She has truly inspired me to do more – to be more. 

Yet I keep coming back to that old friend “worry” - that what I do is not nearly enough – what can I write here that my 3 readers don’t see me say day in day out anyway? What can I do to help raise awareness when I’m just a small fish in a vast ocean?

Interestingly on this – I shared an article about a new drug that has been petitioned to become available in Australia next year. The young lady & her mother doing the hard yards, have said there is NOT enough talk about Endometriosis – because women don’t feel comfortable talking about it publically.

You can read the article Here

Yet here I am – albeit one very small blogger bleating her guts out – sharing the gross stuff and the occasional good & yet I’m STILL not reaching people. What more can one do? I know I’m not alone in this; there are a hundred blogs out there, doing the same – maybe we need a national directory or something. 

When I shared the article – I had two friends comment – both have the disease and I didn’t know. How many more women are out there battling in silence?

All I can do is continue on this path – its worked for me the past three years, but maybe its time to start talking, in between all the writing I am planning.

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Sarah said...

I think it is incredibly hard to be heard at times Car. I don't see your blog as being defined by your endo, it's a part of you and something you have made me more aware of but you blog about many other things too.

I understand what you are saying about feeling you aren't reaching people. If you really want to find others in a similar situation to share your experiences with then maybe a simple search on google would bring up some blogs you could link to?

Meanwhile, I see you as someone who is very bravely living with a condition and bringing me something that keeps me interested and wanting to read.