Saturday, March 21, 2015


In recent weeks my life feels like one big waiting room. I am madly preparing for surgery number 6 and that means there has been a lot of commuting between home and appointments in the city. 

I have been trying to space them out to just one per week and all appointments have been scheduled between School Hours. With a minimum of an hours drive each way, I have pretty much been spending my days driving, waiting, driving and squeezing in errands on the drive there or back. 

As much as attending Doctors appointments have been sending my anxiety sky rocketing, I am thankful that his rooms are conveniently located one block from these gorgeous gardens and water features. When I time it right, I can get a park grab a coffee and sit with my journal for some much needed words before my mind is caught up in all the medical jargon.   

There has also been waiting rooms that match the lining of my new hand bag that is so big it holds journals, pens and reading books for all those moments of waiting...

The most boring of all was waiting for pathology. Luckily I only had to wait two minutes staring at this boring carpet. I timed this appointment well though - only having to fight through a room full of elderly patients AFTER I was finished. Anyone who knows me and is aware of my irrational fear of needles would know this is a blessing in disguise! 

This week brings more appointments, more driving and more waiting. Much as I love shaking up my routine by trips into the city - just quietly, I am sort of looking forward to enforced bed rest and no driving post-op. 

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