Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Common Themes and Abandoned Stories

The year is 2017... I feel like I have been writing and subsequently abandoning stories for at least five decades. Ironically I am only 4 decades old.

As I began pushing far too many to count worksheets around on my desk; my head began pounding.  My brain was aching from having to think! While it slowly drained any and all thoughts, I asked myself WHY?

Why am I doing this again? I keep starting and putting aside. I am fearful of one day putting myself out there and publishing my work - let alone letting actual PEOPLE read my words. It all feels like a great big WASTE OF TIME.

Yet a persistent, niggling story idea began to grow and gain strength and I began brainstorming. At the end I have this idea. No hero. No plot line. No scenes. An idea, a study into human interactions and families and choices we make.

It made me think of all my abandoned stories and wonder if there isn't some common theme within them all. Today I thought I might revisit some of those stories...

2011 - Rosie Speaks... a story of my late Nan's early life in the 1930's. She was separated from her mother for several years.

2014 - Two Islands... a missing woman, a frantic grand-daughter and a parallel world

2015 - Little Book of Horrors... a series of short stories about ghosts, murderers

2015 - RIP Uterus... the breakup of my girl bits.

2016 - Finding His Ghost... losing her love, losing her sanity, searching for answers

Separation. Loss. Family. Relationship breakdowns. Dramas. Searching.

You guys! I think that the entire theme to this years story has been growing from all of my above thwarted attempts. I cannot wait to begin writing and see where this years story, with years of learning behind me, may take me.

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Rach said...

I can not WAIT to read some snippets from this years!