Monday, October 1, 2018

{Blogtober} Mornings Managed!

The past few months life has thrown us some major curveballs, personally I have been struggling to combat the growing overwhelm that threatens to drown me in woe. Rather than sit in a corner and sob as I eat my pudding I decided I shall take my pudding (or in this case donuts) and explore ways to manage the overwhelm and progress forward. 

In order to beat these feelings, I spent much of September revisiting and revamping and generally seeing if I could line my ducks up by utilising my TIME better and returning to ANALOGUE. 

Oh the irony when I also committed to a Blogtober challenge (previously known as blogtoberfest) on BOTH blogs. 

During October my plan is to delve deeper into this felt box of goodies and begin my version of "Mornings Managed"

What is Mornings Managed?
Short version - it is a mash of The Miracle Morning, Morning Pages and Mischief Managed.

Each morning for the next 31 days I am hoping to commit to spending 10mins in each of these books.

A mini Art Journal
Morning Pages Journal
Hobonichi Planner
Sarah Wilsons' First we make the beast Beautiful

I am looking forward to bringing more intention and value into my time.

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