Saturday, October 6, 2018

{Blogtober} Weekend Words

With NaNoWriMo only 3.5 weeks away - now is the time I decide if I want to venture down that tortured writers path and push my mind to unimaginable limits. Writing like a crazy lady for 30 day straight. Word after word. Gaining weight as I eat donuts back to back. Coffee consumed until I am literally buzzing.

Today I thought it would be fun to share some of my words that I have written in previous NaNo attempts. Fairly sure I have not shared these excerpts here yet... Unedited

2017 NaNoWriMo - Failed after a few short days!

Every Friday she waited. For three long years, she sat here watching the sun dip below the range and feel the cool air creep closer. Still she waited.
Between three pm and 6pm she sat silent.
Winding her crown of flowers, one for herself and another for the one she waited for. A pile of flower crowns lay discarded and rotting at the foot of the front steps, abandoned as the night encompassed the daylight hours and she would sigh and make her way inside.  

She finally drifted into a sleep filled with scattered dreams. Two young girls, both wearing daisy crowns and holding hands were spinning faster and faster. So fast until quite dizzy the dazzling blue sky almost tipped upside down and the soft lawn beneath their feet rolled until they were no longer sure if they were standing or suspended in air. Static flickered and a lone man walked by watching her. His purple shirt was crumpled and dirty, several buttons were missing and a streak of blood in the shape of a hand trailed from the shoulder to the waist. More static and a girl with dirty tear streaks stood behind a broken fence, she clutched her porcelain dolly trailing in the dirt by her bare feet she sobbed and cried out to the woman walking down the dirt road. “Come back mumma!” The woman was stalking, ramrod straight, oblivious to the cries as though she were deaf she continued not lingering a moment longer to look back. Flickers. Static. A girl barefoot, dressed in a dirty nightgown plundered through a dense cluster of trees. A gash upon her forehead oozing thick dark red as each beat of her racing heart hammered and pushed her forward in a panic. 

2016 NaNoWriMo - WINNER in 27 days! 

Burnt rubber lingered heavy in the air circling him and as his eyes adjusted to the incessant flickering red light glowing as bright as the eyes of a monster, a black stain seeped across the blacktop, spreading beneath his feet like a river of blood.
He stared at the car, wondering how it got there. It was his car, he somehow knew that. The crumpled, battered numberplate bearing his initials lay to his left. Broken glass sprinkled across the road, glistened and crunched beneath his bare feet as he began to walk toward the wreck. He walked over the glass without pain, as though he carried no weight. 
One minute she was in a deep sleep, gentle snores emanating from somewhere buried beneath the woolen blanket, the next wide awake her heart racing faster than a horse finishing the Melbourne Cup. In the moments before being wrenched so rudely from a deep sleep, she thrashed about, tangled in the sheets, the blanket holding her captive. Small gasps and a meek scream rolled from her mouth as she fought the sudden awakening. Breathing heavily she scanned the room, her eyes falling on a dark shape. It loomed above her. Murky in the dim light emitted by her alarm clock that was flashing 1:34am repeatedly. He had no face. His features a shadow, his body cloaked in obscurity.
Her hand reached across to the bedside lamp, gaping for the switch in the dark and as the light bathed the room suddenly, she blinked as her eyes adjusted to the light.
The room was bare.
She was alone. 

Maybe a NaNoWriMo challenge is exactly what I need to return to the rhythm of regular writing. I wonder if I could break all the rules and aim for a NaNoMiniWriMo... Aim for half the amount of words during November.

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