Tuesday, October 2, 2018

{Blogtober} With a smiling mind...

Yesterday I mentioned the basket I put together to action Morning Managed.

Yesterday I did not manage my morning (nor my entire day for that matter!)

This morning, with positive focus I began... making sure the child was busy for 5 minutes and with a couple of hours up my sleeve before I had to leave home, I settled onto the spare lounge, popped my headphones in and opened the Smiling Mind App.

Aaaah Serenity - come at me!


I found a 7min app on Breath and Emotions.

As I focused on centring my thoughts and breathing through different emotions - I began to feel the presence of someone near.

Cursing internally for this interruption, I opening one eye to see my puppy sitting on the floor gazing up at me. I closed my eye. Refocused my thoughts. Began breathing.

Then she began crying. I opened my eye again, she only cried louder.

Then I feel the seat beside me shift, another sneaky open of the eye to find my daughter sitting beside me quite content to be quiet - as she stared at me.

Now I don't know about your meditation practice but I feel a bit awkward and often wonder how silly I look... to have not one but two pairs of eyes on me - well it was too much.

Huffing to myself, I close my eyes again only to find the calming words reminding me to focus has become the ringing of my iPad.

Needless to say - after this mornings session I was totally ZEN to go about my day with a Smile on my Mind.