Tuesday, October 9, 2018

{Blogtober} Life Saving

The past few years I set myself a goal to read one Self Help book per month (I am not fussy on the books being ONLY categorised as "Self Help" they can be anything from writing inspirations to books about anxiety and happiness, mindful quotes or others like Big Magic etc)

My only issue is finding the time and the attention span to soak in the words. I either throw myself in for an hour of intense reading - highlighting passages, adding post it notes to pages or writing in the margins... OR I am the complete opposite where I read the same paragraph three times and promptly forget what I read.

Last year someone recommended the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I was intrigued by the concept as my current perfect morning involves coffee and couch and reading (or surfing the internets!) and I wondered if it was possible to change my outlook. Until I read the whole point of this was to get out of bed earlier.

Spoiler Alert - I tried getting up earlier, it really isn't for me.

So why am I writing about this book now?

LIFE Savers.
There is a full chapter dedicated to 6 tasks that Hal does when he arises from bed, every single morning. He spends 10 mins (from memory) on each and if you do a quick google search, you will find a plethora of PDF's / blog posts about his method.

After trialling his concept last year (minus the getting out of bed early) I promptly fell off the bandwagon due to LIFE getting in the way. This year though, I have been re-considering a visit down that path, this time switching it up to be doing something that is more me. And spacing it out over the morning (not all in one go before the sun rises!)

I brainstormed SAVERS last week and have come up with ways that will work best for ME. I am aiming for 10mins per activity each day, preferably mornings just not before the sun comes up! 

My goal is by the end of October to be actively smashing each of these tasks and doing them BEFORE I get sucked into the vortex of the MFS (Mindless Facebook Scrolling) each day.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

{Blogtober} Hobo Gifts

Back in 2017 I purchased my first ever Hobonichi. I'm not sure what it is about Hobonichi but they duplicate just by looking at them. Then triplicate. Then quadruplicate (is that even a word?)

I loved it.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about - you should probably move on without looking (your wallet will thank me!) and if you do want to know - go check them out here!

After 2017, I was burnt out and needed a break. I dialled back multiple copies to just one, a weekly booklet that comes with me everywhere and has me planned to a tee.

A couple of months ago I was chatting to a friend about possibly jumping back on the wagon for next year and she was like "Grab me one too" as I mentioned to her I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with it yet, she said she had one from this year not in use and would I like it?


Unperturbed by all the blank pages gone before I received it, I was filling it out before she even left the building.  Within the month I decided that I definitely need to return to this in 2019. However unlike last years daily writing, next year I am trying something new. 

I want to attempt a growth journal. A journal where I am growing both emotionally and as an artist. It will also be a place where I can tackle my anxiety and record reminders on how I was on that particular day, things I could change, positivity to put a spin on negative thought processes. 

I am super excited to see where this path may lead me in the coming months and into next year. 

I am super super grateful to AWESOME friends who encourage me by gifting me extravagant journals! Thanks Cath x 

Saturday, October 6, 2018

{Blogtober} Weekend Words

With NaNoWriMo only 3.5 weeks away - now is the time I decide if I want to venture down that tortured writers path and push my mind to unimaginable limits. Writing like a crazy lady for 30 day straight. Word after word. Gaining weight as I eat donuts back to back. Coffee consumed until I am literally buzzing.

Today I thought it would be fun to share some of my words that I have written in previous NaNo attempts. Fairly sure I have not shared these excerpts here yet... Unedited

2017 NaNoWriMo - Failed after a few short days!

Every Friday she waited. For three long years, she sat here watching the sun dip below the range and feel the cool air creep closer. Still she waited.
Between three pm and 6pm she sat silent.
Winding her crown of flowers, one for herself and another for the one she waited for. A pile of flower crowns lay discarded and rotting at the foot of the front steps, abandoned as the night encompassed the daylight hours and she would sigh and make her way inside.  

She finally drifted into a sleep filled with scattered dreams. Two young girls, both wearing daisy crowns and holding hands were spinning faster and faster. So fast until quite dizzy the dazzling blue sky almost tipped upside down and the soft lawn beneath their feet rolled until they were no longer sure if they were standing or suspended in air. Static flickered and a lone man walked by watching her. His purple shirt was crumpled and dirty, several buttons were missing and a streak of blood in the shape of a hand trailed from the shoulder to the waist. More static and a girl with dirty tear streaks stood behind a broken fence, she clutched her porcelain dolly trailing in the dirt by her bare feet she sobbed and cried out to the woman walking down the dirt road. “Come back mumma!” The woman was stalking, ramrod straight, oblivious to the cries as though she were deaf she continued not lingering a moment longer to look back. Flickers. Static. A girl barefoot, dressed in a dirty nightgown plundered through a dense cluster of trees. A gash upon her forehead oozing thick dark red as each beat of her racing heart hammered and pushed her forward in a panic. 

2016 NaNoWriMo - WINNER in 27 days! 

Burnt rubber lingered heavy in the air circling him and as his eyes adjusted to the incessant flickering red light glowing as bright as the eyes of a monster, a black stain seeped across the blacktop, spreading beneath his feet like a river of blood.
He stared at the car, wondering how it got there. It was his car, he somehow knew that. The crumpled, battered numberplate bearing his initials lay to his left. Broken glass sprinkled across the road, glistened and crunched beneath his bare feet as he began to walk toward the wreck. He walked over the glass without pain, as though he carried no weight. 
One minute she was in a deep sleep, gentle snores emanating from somewhere buried beneath the woolen blanket, the next wide awake her heart racing faster than a horse finishing the Melbourne Cup. In the moments before being wrenched so rudely from a deep sleep, she thrashed about, tangled in the sheets, the blanket holding her captive. Small gasps and a meek scream rolled from her mouth as she fought the sudden awakening. Breathing heavily she scanned the room, her eyes falling on a dark shape. It loomed above her. Murky in the dim light emitted by her alarm clock that was flashing 1:34am repeatedly. He had no face. His features a shadow, his body cloaked in obscurity.
Her hand reached across to the bedside lamp, gaping for the switch in the dark and as the light bathed the room suddenly, she blinked as her eyes adjusted to the light.
The room was bare.
She was alone. 

Maybe a NaNoWriMo challenge is exactly what I need to return to the rhythm of regular writing. I wonder if I could break all the rules and aim for a NaNoMiniWriMo... Aim for half the amount of words during November.

Friday, October 5, 2018

{Blogtober} Escape from Reality

A very awesome friend offered to take my daughter for a few hours to see a movie today. I received a text saying we are going to the beach if you want to join us & did I want a coffee too? 

BEACH? Yes please and thank you! I passed on the coffee! 

Even the darkening skies didn't deter me! 

I decided to park at the lookout and wander back down the deserted beach where they were stationed, between the flags. Along my wandering I noticed a tonne of bluebottles dotted along the high tide mark. Curious shaped little creatures.  

As I wandered back down the beach to my car I walked past a flock of seagulls and these funny little birds that have shaggy hair-do's. I keep trying to get a decent shot of the hair but alas they are too quick for my photos. 

Sadly reality awaits and my beach escapes will have to go return to the back burner until we return to some semblance of normalcy. Unless I go walking here each morning... you know until Magpie Season ends! 

Thursday, October 4, 2018

{Blogtober} Frog storytime

Last weekend The Barefoot Crafter threw down a Long weekend challenge. Part 4 was bonus points for a flash fiction. It was Monday night and as I didnt quite finish part 2 or 3 I had to write.

I was settled on the couch without a journal to write on beside me (who am I?) I remembered the Moleskine App I have on my iPad. I borrowed a photo from Pinterest and wrote a very rusty piece.

While it isn’t great writing, it was fun and I am considering attempting to do this more often!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

{Blogtober} Tangled Thoughts

My thoughts are tangled today. We are currently navigating a difficult path in life. I thought I would have all the words but today they are refusing to play, they are tangled within as I go through the motions and battle emotions.

Today marks 12 years since my beautiful Pop left this world. We were talking about it last night, how the years drop away on us and we go on living and being alive and having a life.  Yet there remains a void. A wish you could spend just one more moment and tell those who have left all the words unspoken.

I am conscious that it has been 12 years (give or take a day or two) since we found out we were expecting. Our one and only pregnancy. The product of that today stands a head shorter than me and is constantly upside down. I suppose life is more interesting when viewed from this angle.

I went to the shops this morning, expecting retail therapy to help. Rather it was retail road rage I endured instead. People going about their lives. Stopping in the middle of the aisles. Walking in front of me. Not moving even when I was carrying a huge heavy box. Kids running amok.

I wanted to scream. Do they not know that today is a bad, no good, crazy, heart pulling day.

Then I wondered how many of those people, those innocent people I spent cursing (in my head) their stupidity and ignorance and rudeness, may also be having an equally bad day?

Life is a curious thing. It is endless and spiralling and filled with so much angst and wonder and living.

Today the words may remain stagnant as I retreat, tomorrow they can shine as the sun rises and brings us a new day with possibility.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

{Blogtober} With a smiling mind...

Yesterday I mentioned the basket I put together to action Morning Managed.

Yesterday I did not manage my morning (nor my entire day for that matter!)

This morning, with positive focus I began... making sure the child was busy for 5 minutes and with a couple of hours up my sleeve before I had to leave home, I settled onto the spare lounge, popped my headphones in and opened the Smiling Mind App.

Aaaah Serenity - come at me!


I found a 7min app on Breath and Emotions.

As I focused on centring my thoughts and breathing through different emotions - I began to feel the presence of someone near.

Cursing internally for this interruption, I opening one eye to see my puppy sitting on the floor gazing up at me. I closed my eye. Refocused my thoughts. Began breathing.

Then she began crying. I opened my eye again, she only cried louder.

Then I feel the seat beside me shift, another sneaky open of the eye to find my daughter sitting beside me quite content to be quiet - as she stared at me.

Now I don't know about your meditation practice but I feel a bit awkward and often wonder how silly I look... to have not one but two pairs of eyes on me - well it was too much.

Huffing to myself, I close my eyes again only to find the calming words reminding me to focus has become the ringing of my iPad.

Needless to say - after this mornings session I was totally ZEN to go about my day with a Smile on my Mind.