Friday, August 31, 2012

{Faces} a Five Sentence Fiction Prompt

Lillie McFerrin

Staring down at the ground to avoid eye contact, she walked quickly down the main street.

Her cheeks burned as she felt their stares follow her.

Feeling their empathy for her, flowing from them in waves, she kept her face downturned eyes following the cracks in the pavement below her.

A shadow fell across her path, she found herself looking up into the face of the local gossip.

"It's been a while since we last saw you Florence, they tell me your girls not been well"

Linking up with Lillie McFerrin this week. I'm happier with this one ;)

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{Cascade} a Visual Dare Prompt

The visit with her parents, had left her feeling drained and she decided on a whim to walk up the mountain to the local waterfall. She needed a change of pace and though she had a myriad of more pressing jobs to be getting on with, right now the lure of peace and quiet was more appealing to her senses.

She breathed deeply in the fresh mountain air as she hiked higher up the mountain. The temperature dipped as she wandered along and the crisp cool air felt like tendrils of ice down her spine. She shivered, it had been a long cold winter and she was feeling a little like a butterfly finally emerging from its grey coocoon.

She felt the vibrations of the water long before she arrived and she hurried forward in anticipation, praying there was no one else around to share the solitude with.

Removing her shoes, and scrambling up onto the big rock overhang, she hitched up her skirts and let her bare legs dangle in the icy rushing water of the mountain spring. The sweet sound of birdsong was all around and lying back she closed her eyes as she finally succumbed to the peaceful surround.

Linking up a few days late with Anonymous Legacy I haven't written in a week and this little piece has just proved that point ;)
This is a little excerpt for my story and I have plans to take it further. I need to practice writing more solitary pieces and I am looking at ways to bring my solitary characters together to make this next section flow. It is proving a little difficult and scary. So the question is do I continue on with the piece in the solitary form or should I write in my other character?

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Thursday, August 30, 2012


A bit of a deeper, more personal post tonight. 

I don't really like to prattle on about my issues with anxiety on here. Partly because I have friends who suffer from it far worse than I. Partly because sometimes I still can't pinpoint the trigger points. And that frustrates me because without a starting point; I have no control and without control, my anxiety rolls on in waves. 

This week started off on the back foot and I have been struggling ever since to play catch up. Mondays for me are my vacuuming and mopping days. Okay, I'm going to admit it right here - I am a lazy sod. I do my floors but once a week. Disgusting huh? Every other day just seems to have something going on and I can't seem to find the time (nor do I make them a priority) so they stay until Monday. 

THIS Monday we had book week parade at school. So I am worked up trying to get out the door on time, girl in costume (praying on the way that the others in her class are also in costume… I know… serious issues I have about dress ups tracing back to daycare days and the lack of input by other parents ;) lucky I had the right day, everyone else was dolled up to the 9's and I made my way to the hall to watch the parade.

1.5 hours later it was finally over, then back to the classroom to change our kids back to school uniform then as we were leaving 2 of the school mums invited me for coffee. "But my floors" I say; "they can wait another day" they say to me. Who am I to argue with logic? And coffee people. I love my coffee.

I arrive home well after 12pm. The floors mock me and I tell myself that I have no time now, I will finish them AFTER school pick up.

I could feel the tension rising. My heart hammering away faster than normal. Then Swimming lessons put me further on edge. Came home. Dinners. Baths. Bed. Sit and try to combat the anxiety.

Tuesday rolls around and all day. I feel as though bile is racing back up my throat. My heart hammers louder still as I run to and fro, groceries, errands, fathers day gifts. I arrived home to (welcome) visitors, and again find myself facing the floors. After 12pm. Again I convince myself I have NO TIME. I will do them after school. THEN I get a brainwave - brilliant idea. DH says he would take the girl swimming that afternoon, I would stay home and do the floors then.

That didn't happen. Miss 5 decided that she REALLY wanted mumma & dada to come swimming with her. Sigh.

By this stage, I was on tenterhooks. To the point that I stole away for a solitary shower and took some Rescue Remedy (which pretty much drops me on my arse every time) dinner was eaten while surfing Facebook and I stumble over the news that an old school mate had died. From what I could gather I think it was a car accident. The sad thing is I had been following said accident since it happened on my old stomping ground and when I saw it was a man from another town I sighed with relief. To then find out 48 hours it was someone I knew. It really knocked me around.

And there's the thing. I hadn't seen this bloke since school. I remember him best from primary school. Obviously with my issues on car accidents (more on that one soon) And his age. My age. Relatively young. I feel really sad about his passing. Really, really sad.

So the Rescue Remedy went into overdrive, attempting to calm my already rattled but now shattered nerve endings.

My floors remained dirty.

And I did what any girl under undue stress does; I went out for a coffee first thing Wednesday morning. As you do. Then ignored those blasted floors once more.    

Sunday, August 26, 2012

{Blush} a five sentence fiction prompt

Lillie McFerrin

Like a wallflower, she sat alone as her cousins departed one by one to dance with the dashing soldiers.
Patiently waiting, a vision in white and red she tapped her foot in tune to the music.
Standing still across the room, he was mesmorised by her dark hair and pale complexion.
Their eyes met and she blushed prettily, her cheeks burning under his direct gaze.
He walked toward her, determined this time would be his to dance with this mysterious girl.

Linking up with Lillie McFerrin this week, not entirely happy with this one, it feels too stilted! I have big plans for the month ahead - stick around (& hope I can stick to the plan!)

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

{Depth} Visual Dare #19 prompt

He stood on the edge of the precipice. Balancing his weight effortlessly as he gazed unseeing into the depths below him.

One step.

The world had changed, it was as though he had blinked and missed a decade of life.

His life.

Closing his eyes in the moment, he felt stuck in a weird time warp. Happier times. No war scars. No alcohol. A family.

Life seemed stagnant. He could neither go forward. Nor return.

A broken man he stood and stared. Raising his arm, he heaved with a strength he didn’t know he had. He watched as the bottle smashed against a rock. Leaving a wet patch, before a shower of glass rained down into the gully below.

Tears ran down his face as he turned and walked away.

Linking up with Angela and Visual Dare again this week. The prompt this week was "depth" (see the photograph on the original blog post.) As my character stood on the edge of this cliff face his story really could have gone either way. After much deliberation, I have chosen to give my character a slightly brighter path (this week) I have been REALLY struggling to write about his difficulties.  

Monday, August 20, 2012

{Night} A Five Sentence Fiction Prompt

 Lillie McFerrin

Stars glittered brightly against the dark black night sky as the fire crackled a stark contrast of red and orange. Feeling her body finally relax as she lay back in his arms, she gazed above her. A sudden streak of white light, the remains of a single shooting star left a trail across the black sky. Closing her eyes she muttered her same wish. One small wish, as yet un-granted, she wondered if perhaps this time it would be hers. 


Linking up with Lillie McFerrin again this week for Five Sentence Fiction

Thursday, August 16, 2012

{Minimal} Visual Dare Prompt

Lying back in bed, she stared above her at the exposed wooden logs. The timber logs, once green had aged and shrunk since her brothers had built this small shack. Small patches of sunlight streamed through the cracks of the iron roof. She sighed at the thought of having to get up there and repatch it once again. Her room was sparce, a simple bed, some drawers and her empty suitcase. Clothes thrown across the room in a fit of anger the night before, had some to rest in the corner.

The sight was sad, depressing much like the state of her life right now.

My sadly lacking attempt at the Visual Dare prompt this week. I only needed 95 words to bring my total story over 30,000 words (15,000 for Camp) Thankfully Ive done that and now Im signing off to spend a long weekend with some wonderful friends! Im officially giving myself a writing break while Im away!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Letters Home {CampNaNoWriMo} Day 14 & Menage Monday

STRUGGLING. My new character is KILLING ME! He won't speak to me and I seem to be typing SO SLOWLY trying to get his place within the story; before abandoning him for a few months and returning to the 2 main characters. I sat staring at my computer screen this morning, unmotivated and procrastinating - as you do. Then I decided at the last minute to write something for Menage Monday. Except by the time I finished the competition was closed. Rather than submit what I wrote as a late entry - I decided to sit on it and add to it and make it this characters storyline. 
Tomorrow after I do school drop off, I aim to swing by St Ronalds for a coffee and bagel then home to churn out some more of his story. In between packing for a weekend away.
anyhow… here's my attempt at MM. The original prompts / photo can be found here.

The first night he went to bed stone cold sober he tossed and turned for what seemed like an eternity until he finally drifted off into a troubled slumber.

The dream hit him like a cannon - soldiers dressed in long white raincoats, hard round hats upon their heads, marching resolutely forward over graves of the fallen.

Stones upon each grave, mirrored the soldiers as they trudged on. Sorrowful faces as their ghostly and eerie reflections flickered as they passed by.

He stared down as the mirrored graves morphed into glass. Men. Comrades. Civilians. Staring back at him. Imprisoned beneath the earth. I’ve got a horrible feeling about this he thought as his dream shattered into pieces. Suddenly he found himself trapped beneath the glass. Soldiers walked above, staring down at him but not really seeing him. Taunting him. Leaving him as he had deserted them. Trapped for an eternity. His screams were lost amongst the sound of retreating footsteps. In his hand a bottle of rum appeared, it wasn’t the first time he’d found one of those in there. He raised it to his lips, the bittersweet liquor trickled down over his lips as he greedily drank himself into a sweet oblivion.

The Daily Stats
Opening word count: 27,887 
Words today: 764
Camp Total: 13,375

Monday, August 13, 2012

Letters Home {CampNaNoWriMo} Day… ???

The days are passing me by in a blur. As sickness took hold of my household last week - my story languished after hitting an impasse with a new character I was trying to introduce. This new character is being elusive. What information I do 'know' on him is sketchy at best and I am waiting patiently for him to start talking to me. I think I may be in for a long wait because he really only has a 'bit part' in the bigger story. Yet something tells me there are a myriad of ways I can expand on him, write him in a better light than he has been portrayed in historical documents. He has his own story to tell. Whether that story will be a mere few thousand words or more is yet to be seen.

On the story as a whole, I have reached a fork in the road. The first part of my story has been written and from here the story must take two separate roads. Both are solitary roads yet I must write them together. Seamless.

This part of the story covers the important years, the whole reason I decided to start telling this story.

It will also be very emotional - I fear that writing this emotional turmoil (albeit the characters turmoil) will ultimately affect ME. I also fear that if I skip over the emotional side because of my own 'issues' then I won't have done the story justice. Writing this sounds completely crazy, but one major thing I have learnt while writing this story is that you end up living, breathing, loving and occasionally hating these characters and their idiosyncrasies. These characters I'm trying to bring to my life are my ancestors, and while I have been able to put aside the fact that they are 'related to me' in order to write difficult scenes; I am finding it very emotionally wearing imagining how I would deal in such a situation. I am afraid to say I would wither. My characters were indeed strong - stronger than I!

Tonight I've teed up a word sprint or two. I am hoping that with the words churned out during that, I can continue adding words to reach a 30K total by Thursday. Two days. 3.200 words. Entirely. Do-able.

The Daily Stats
Opening word count: 26,837
Words today: 1050
Camp Total: 12,611

{Table for one} Visual Dare #17

Table for one













Staring across at the small pub on the corner with it’s small tables set out along the sidewalk – alfresco dining they were calling it. According to the nurses at the hospital, it was becoming quite common. They used the word common as though everybody would be able to afford such extravagant dining. Her idea of alfresco dining was a tatted picnic rug - a patchwork of old clothes no longer wearable and hand pieced together painstakingly late at night after she had completed her everyday sewing jobs. Fresh damper from the fire pit, layered with cheese and pickles. Milk, freshly milked each day from her dairy cow. These city folk, they were worlds away from her simple life back home.


Linking up to Anonymous Legacy this week (VERY LATE!) This prompt was a hard one for me as my current storyline is set in the 30's and I daresay 'alfresco dining' wasn't heard of back then. So forgive my sad sack attempt of trying to cross the timelines. 

{Distance} a Five Sentence Fiction Prompt

Lillie McFerrin
Resting her head back upon the red leather seat, the endless road loomed windy and bumpy. Her eyes seeing everything yet nothing, as the emotional turmoil of the previous few weeks caught up. Tall brown grass as high as the car windows gently swayed in the billowy wind, as tall trees slipped past one by one. Far ahead lay her home in the mountains, behind her the city hospital where her daughter was now interned. Her heart in two places at once, her soul paving the long dirt road between them.
Linking up (albeit VERY late) to Five Sentence Fiction.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Letter Home {CampNaNoWriMo} Day 7


This week has been a write off… and not in the 'right' {aka write} way either. With a sick child earlier in the week and feeling a little under the weather myself. I've found myself weighted down and words have stalled. This afternoon (in the whole ONE hour I have left till I have to pick up the girl) I have plans to transfer some of my paperwork / research notes into file for easy reference. I'm hoping that will give me the oomph I need to start writing again or at least planning the new direction. 
As of Tuesday I was standing at 26K words which I'm happy with. I would be REALLY happy if I can manage to get it to 30K before the weekend. But we will see.   

The Daily Stats
Opening word count: 24,864
Words today: 804
Camp Total: 11,561

Monday, August 6, 2012

Letter Home {CampNaNoWriMo} Day 5 & 6

Evening Folks, writing to you with a much clearer head after a full on day of activities here at camp...

Yeah so apparently Day 5 didn't happen… it passed me by in a blurry haze of tissues, cold & flu tablets and vintage movies (I can call Dirty Dancing a vintage now can't I???) I made no attempt to write and I didn't even beat myself up over it (even knowing full well how much I struggle to jump back in when giving myself a day off!) 

Day 6 (today) was headed in the same direction as day 5; until I had a call to collect the sick child from school. So I came home and after getting her every food under the sun and setting her up with some movies. I scooted into my study to transfer the writing I actually MANAGED to complete over the weekend from here: 

IMG 2881

















What a cool set up hey? My iPad with a bluetooth keyboard! I took it along to the library last Friday and typed like crazy. The beauty is I have 3G while I'm out and about so it was like taking my laptop without lugging around my actual laptop + cords AND I didn't have to worry about getting an internet stick for my laptop!
I have worked out that if I type my words directly into My Memoir (which is a cool app found here) I can export either the page I'm working on OR the whole journal via email as either a text document (as email) OR as an ePub. It is beyond awesome and I will be definitely be putting this setup to use on future study days!

Tonight we did a writing race with a couple of good friends on Facebook. I wrote like the wind (and I keep saying that because I just watched Dirty Dancing… "she's like the wind" and I'm trying to give my inner goddess a run for her money tonight ;) in 20 mins I managed 665 words! Yay me, it closed off an important section very nicely!

A small snippet of my story from tonights writing race - unedited!

In the morning he was gone. A lone note fluttered in the soft wind upon the beside table.

His words almost illegible and scrawled.

"Goodbye for now. No promises. Until we are one again. BL"

Tears snaked their way down her face as she pounded the pillow with pent up frustration. Anger at him. Anger at herself for letting him walk away from her AGAIN. Anger at a world that had already dealt her far too many blows.

Slowly she dressed and gathered up all her belongings. She sat when she was finished and stared down at her one small bag. One small bag that signified her life. Sighing she bent down to pick it up and with one last glance around the room that had not only been her home, but also the place she said her final goodbyes to him. She bowed her head and walked to the door.

Leaving his ghost in this room. Leaving her daughter in that hospital.

Leaving her heart and soul.

She was all alone


The Daily Stats
Opening word count: 24,060
Words today: 1,973
Camp Total: 10,757


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Letters home {CampNaNoWriMo} day 4

Day 4 finds me fuzzy around the edges as I battle this blasted head cold!

After a few hours surfing the net, curled up on the couch; I finally headed outside to the glorious sunshine and set up a makeshift desk!

After the five sentence fiction, where my mediocre attempt nearly wiped me out... I put the writing aside in Favour of some crochet squares!

Lucky for me some writing races were organized on twitter and I typed solidly for 50 mind churning out 1500 words + uncounted (untyped) page and a half in my notebook! I dare say the minimum word count was reached today... Barely!

Fingers crossed the head clears tomorrow and I churn out a food word count!


The Daily Stats

Opening word count: 22,261

Words today: 1,797

Camp Total: 8,784


{Victory} Five Sentence Fiction Prompt

She held it aloft, as proud as any Olympian could be.
This moment so long awaited, far better than a medal for she.
A voice whispered in dulcet soft tones, could now be heard afar.
She rose above her staunchest critics and began to raise the bar.
We'll call him Mork she excitedly told, an electronic voice for me...

Joining in with Lillie and her Five Sentence Fiction this week. It's not by best effort by far, but with a blasted head cold it's the best I could do and I think it works well as a lame attempt at poetry (I don't even know if I got my A, A, B, B, A's in the correct order) but considering the woman I wrote about used to write little poems like this, it seemed a fitting way to try this weeks prompt ;)

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Letter Home from {Camp NaNoWriMo} day 3

Greetings from camp...
Bad news - I'm feeling so sick today. I've contracted man flu :( it's way worse than normal flu. I am miserable. And sick.

Look - I've even resorted to trackie dacks and uggies at 4pm. I blame the cold winter we are having; camping and winter should NOT be used in the same sentence.

Send Lemons.

And brandy.

Miserable sick child.
PS don't forget the honey!


The Daily Stats

Opening word count: 18,713

Words today: 2,330

Camp Total: 6,987

+ bonus entries: 1,218


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Letter Home from {CampNaNoWriMo} Day 2

Hey folks!

I have been banned from sharing any further camp shenanigans.. it's a shame really cause the party REALLY got started last night when the Tequila hit the table. Words? What words? Stories… well the stories I could TELL - but remember I'm not allowed. Mum's the word!

Today with sore heads and Berocca fuelling our bounce, we started the day with the wind in our sails and I wrote like a crazy lady. And it was really neat handwriting too!  

IMG 2876

I managed 3 cups of coffee (I am so going to regret that when I'm bouncing off the walls later tonight ;) 1 donut (Krispy kremes of course), 2 handfuls of snickers pods; and 2360 words. See told you - I am hammering this boot camp!  
Until tomorrow - send more chocolate. And coffee.
Your daughter 

The Daily Stats

Opening word count:  16,353  

Words today: 2,360

Camp Total: 4,657


{Bells in the Rain} A Visual Dare Prompt

Doorbells in the rain

















Like a dairy cow, she found herself pushed and herded, until she was pressed against the panel window. Staring out past the string of bells, now tinkling softly in the weather that was growing more intense by the minute. The squall had started up in earnest and small puffs of wind blew through the open doorway of the tram. Gusts tickled against her bare legs and she cursed herself for having forgotten her stockings today. Or perhaps she had deliberately not worn them. Imagining it was her inner vixen, trying to escape the ties of normal life. She grinned internally at such a silly thought amid such a serious situation. Suppressing the memory of the morning, her scattered thoughts turned inward once more as she watched the rivulets of water streak a pattern across the tram window. With so many people crammed inside the cabin, windows quickly steamed up. Her vision obscured by the rising cloudy mist.


Linking up with Anonymous Legacy with today's prompt. I have chosen to work this into my current work in progress which just happens to be part of my story for CampNaNoWriMo! It was interesting having a photo prompt to write to; rather than sit and write another instalment of the story like I have been doing in the past. Surprisingly it actually feels like it has given one of my characters depth that was previously lacking and though she is not the main character I am still working on the section of the book where her thoughts and life feature prominently. It was a actually a lot of fun getting to really know her today. Constructive Criticism welcomed!     

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Letter Home from {CampNaNoWriMo} Day 1

Hello Muddah… Hello Faddah

Day one finds me well. 

Arrival at camp this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed - adventure awaits us! We were assigned cabins -  now I know I did say that I was more than happy to camp nuddy under the stars - but it's winter down here. And bloody cold. The tequila hasn't warmed the cockles yet, though my cabin mate Miss Dove seems to be flat on the floor… she took the song literally! The Tequila song not the Camp Granada! AND she missed the memo to leave the kiddie winks at home.

And she wonders why I'm kicking her backside?

I daren't be too cocky though. She's liable to go all ninja chicken on me through the night… but that's ok, she don't realise this songs gonna be stuck in her head ALL. BLOODY. NIGHT!

Boot Camp Writing today. I had no idea where I would start - I'm a pantser like that (I said PANTser… not panther - No Muddah, no Faddah - do NOT come and collect me, I am loving Camp Granada - I mean CampNaNoWriMo) I wrote like the wind and what I thought was a measly 1600 words {yay I reached quota for day 1} was actually a whopping 2297 words! I'm Kicking Camps butt. 

Must sign off now, damper is cooked and I'm off to slam down a few Tequilas to celebrate my win on day 1.     

 Your soon to be a real Writer daughter who will try & remember to keep you in retirement.  


The Daily Stats

Opening word count:  14,056  

Words today: 2297

Camp Total: 2297



Small (un-edited) excerpt from today: 

She slept easily for the next few hours that night, but in the early hours of the next month she dreamt of mummy. Except mummy was at the top of the hill and no matter how high she climbed she couldn't reach her. It was never high enough. Sobbing she ran faster, scrabbling to hold onto the trees as the mountain became steeper. Mummy had her head bowed and she walked further and further from her. 

"Mummy" she called, although it sounded loud in her mind, it came out as a small whisper. She tried vainly to call louder, but mummy couldn't hear her. Finally with tired arms and legs she sank to the ground and cried. Silent sobs echoed around her that no-one else could hear. She felt all alone out here in the wilderness. Lost and cold. Sad and so very lonely.