About Me

I have been blogging for many years now, though the inception of this blog did not come about until early 2011 after a few personal struggles. I have always been a writer, a journal keeper from long ago - long before the 'internet' became popular. It made perfect sense to start an online diary to record my inner most thoughts for all to read. Sound weird? It probably is - I rest easy knowing there are a myriad of other bloggers like myself who share something about themselves each and every day.

Originally I created this personal blog to record my own personal journey. In 2011 I faced a second battle with Endometriosis {a disease that I am still struggling to understand} coupled with Secondary Infertility, my husband and I made a difficult decision to not seek further treatment. Riding on the back of my initial battle with Endometriosis and Primary Infertility {wasn't I so lucky to be struck by lightning twice} it all became too much. A fork in the road, both paths forward riddled with sadness and I wished fervently for a third fork - a fork of happiness, a place I could feel complete.

What I couldn't write in my own personal journal, I suddenly found the words to convey here online. Writing to a silent audience, hoping that there was someone out there I could help. To show others suffering that they too weren't as alone as I had been feeling.

Endometriosis sent me on a roller coaster ride of discovery, it robbed me of hopes and dreams and scarred me mentally, emotionally and physically. It caused infertility and nearly broke me as well as the relationships around me. Nearly 10 years later I am still battling this silent disease day in day out.

When it felt like I had reached the End'o the Road {in terms of fertility and endometriosis} I realised that when one door closes, another usually opens. When that road ended - a new road paved the way. New hopes and dreams replaced old ones as I began writing earnestly.

I dream to one day publish a book and this small corner of the internet provides me with a place to scribble my thoughts, share my stories, vent about my disease and most of all write.  

This is my journey - scars and all - my internal fight against a horrible disease and my external discovery as I explore my new path in life.

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