Monday, September 10, 2012

{Memories} a five sentence fiction prompt

Lillie McFerrin

The bright sun a searing heat against her bare shoulders, the scorching pain trivial against her shattered heart as she watched them lower the coffin.

Her memories all that remained as she bade her final farewell, words left unspoken, willing her to hear them wherever she now may be.

Only last month they had sat together at her vanity with its tarnished scalloped edged mirror; their reflections staring back happily as they talked of times now lost.

The young girl watched herself with an older woman, her dark brown locks against pure white.

The older woman glimpsed a young girl, a silhouette of her soldier standing tall behind her his hand resting lightly upon her shoulder.


Linking up with Lillie again this week for Five Sentence Fiction. THIS piece was difficult. The original picture shared with the prompt set me off on a tangent (the old seeing themselves as they once were) but then the ghostly apparition appeared in my words almost like a a premonition to the beginning of the piece and that's why I feel it might be a little back to front. I don't know - what do you think? Perhaps I'm over thinking it a little as this started out as a memory of my late Nan and is a creative take on a conversation we once had.

Constructive Criticism welcomed.


{Odd Couple} a Visual Dare prompt

His long and lanky frame leant casually against the wall as he watched her.

She was a bundle of nerves as she slowly closed the small distance between them.

With a cheeky grin, his eyes sparkled as his gaze wandered down her body. Eyes downcast, she walked demurely toward him.

His stance exuded strength and confidence; he was a man wise beyond his years. She had lived a sheltered life, austere parents holding her close.

His strong arms enclosed her dainty frame.

Pale skin a vivid contrast against his sun-darkened arms.

As he gazed at her tenderly, she knew she was home.


Linking up with Visual Dare for this weeks prompt. This wasn't exactly how I envisaged this piece, but it will do for now. Constructive Criticism welcome.