Thursday, March 21, 2013

{Paradise} a… prompt.

A solitary figure, she stood on the edge of the outgoing tide. Water swirling around her ankles, leaving faint white marks across her feet. The salt trail stung her bare legs, a match to the stinging trail of salty tears running down each cheek. 

Like the smile that broke through her tears, she watched as the suns' bright rays pieced the few clouds along the horizon and she prayed. What else was left but to pray. 

The sergeant had arrived the night before, bearing papers requesting his immediate return and before they had a moment to say goodbye; he was gone, bound for the first ship back to the front line. She had wept bitterly all night, their brief holiday shattered by life on the outside. 

The sand tickled between her toes, the same sand they had frolicked upon late into the previous days. 

She smiled as she remembered how unabandoned they were. Able to act that way now they were wed. She looked far out into the horizon dreaming she could see his face one last time as she slowly removed her red scarf. Holding it between two fingers, it gently swayed in the wind as she whispered good bye. Goodbye to her love. Goodbye to their life on hold. Goodbye to their paradise. Slowly she released her hold upon the red scarf, watching it drift away with the ebb of the tide. 


I sat on the floor of the playroom earlier in the week, determined to write one small piece for a prompt. Hoping that I could tie in in somewhere in my story. I took the Prompt Paradise. Thinking it belonged to Visual Dare and churned out 250 odd words. I felt good. My fingers were finally tapping keys and though it isn't my best work, its words on paper and for me right now - is a good thing. Then I checked and realised the prompt was for Five Sentence Fiction. A moment of heart sinking, how could you be so stupid thoughts before I decided that rather than delete sentences, I would leave it as it is. I like it. It is a piece I can build upon. So for now - I'm not linking up to either prompt. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Planning, filing and Writing

Truth be told I am a fairly disorganised person. And as I get older, I get a little more forgetful each year. To combat these character traits, I tend to write lots of lists in order to complete day to day stuff. My husband thinks I should just get up off my backside and DO IT. I just say its easier said than done sometimes. Which is surprising because when I worked - I was a stickler for systems, sure my desk would be MESSY as. Yet strangely enough I ALWAYS knew exactly where everything was. Well mostly. 

The last few years I struggled with computer organisation - it did NOT help that my computers kept dying on me and I'd just get one sorted before it would die then everything would be transferred to the new one. When it came time to update to my Mac, I decided to start it fresh and save things correctly.

Here's what my writing folders look like. I number each folder from 00 - 100 and under each of those folders, I number the sub folders 00 - 100 too. This has helped with keeping my story relatively tidy in terms of where I"m up to.  

Screen Shot 2013 01 10 at 11 51 58 AM










I was finding at the end of last year, most of my writing prompts were mixed in with my story. As these prompts are usually 100 - 300 words and need a lot more work before they can be added to the story, I spent some time on the holidays removing them from my {MASTER} document which contains the first 30,000 words of my story.

Those small snippets from each Writing Prompt (usually the ones I share on this blog) have been added to a new document entitled Writing Prompts which is currently sitting at 4,200 words. 

Now the only thing I need is TIME to get back into the daily grind of writing. And to begin editing the first section. I've heard there is another camp fast approaching, but I'm on a few self-imposed deadlines at the moment and am unsure whether I have the drive in me to add an hour each day of much needed writing time.

Without the added fear of burning out completely (which I am right now. Burnt out) what do you think? 


Friday, March 15, 2013

13 in 13 Challenge… Book 4 - History

Little White Dove
 Book #4 - 13 in 13 Challenge 

Cross Stitch; Diana Gabaldon (published as Outlander in the US) 

Genre: History (part 1) 

Cross Stitch

From here

Originally I had planned to read The Secret River by Kate Grenville for my "History" genre book. However after completing a collection of 4 short stories of Diana Gabaldon, and remembering just how much I love her series and realising I hadn't read them for 5 years - I decided to indulge and embark on the epic series once more.

Rather than make this challenge easy for myself (no… we couldn't have that now!) I decided that instead of reading but ONE History book for this genre - I will read ALL 7 of Diana Gabaldons' epic tale.

Well that's not really the reason - the real reason being that Book 8 is being released later this year (YAY) and well it also gives me more blog fodder!

I finished the first book in the series in record time, just under 2 weeks for 864 pages! The second book will take me longer as I am prone to struggle with it (what is it with 2nd books in series - I ALWAYS struggle with them!) By the time I'm finished all 7 books for the History Genre - it will take me to a grand total of 6350 pages. Surely that will be enough to give me TOP prize in the booty for this challenge - right?

If you haven't read these books, I do highly recommend them. They aren't for everyone but the way Diana writes her stories, she has a way of sweeping you along for the ride. She is a born story-teller. Plus discovering what the 18th century scots wear under their kilts is rather titillating ;) it is ultimately a romance novel, steeped in a lot of history with a twist of fantasy. If you had absolutely no interest in going to see Stonehenge prior to reading these, I assure you after reading them - you will be itching to get there and throw yourself between those stones. Read the book to find out why ;)       

Thursday, March 14, 2013

{whisper} a five sentence fiction prompt

Voices loud and clear; words uttered both soft and loud.
Screaming and talking, singing and shouting.  
Taken for granted, our voices rise above.
And you; your voice but a mere whisper.  
Though you sure as heck made yourself HEARD!  


Yikes, I just checked backward to find that this is my first writing prompt since last November! I'm starting out slowly by returning to Five Sentence Fiction and am very pleased to be back. I'm amazed at just how rusty I feel after such a long break.

My book writing has remained stagnant as I throw myself into other various areas; but this prompt - I couldn't go past it! My story is about a lady who could only whisper, sadly I've not felt I've done this writing exercise must justice as I can't seem to find the "punch" I need in these five sentences. However I will still publish and link up before I get cold feet and chicken out.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


When a therapist suggests DATE NIGHTS; I'm no so sure she had this in mind!  

Last night my husband and I went to the first of the concerts for 2013.

Yes the FIRST because somehow ALL the best bands are touring in Australia THIS YEAR! With hubbies 40th next month we have splurged a little on upcoming bands by year end, he will  have been to FIVE concerts! FIVE! Crazy huh? I will have only gone to three ;) 

IMG 4927














Of course we had to start the Year of the Concert with the very best! Joining a squillion other devoted fans, the KISS Army converged on the Entertainment Centre to see FOUR bands line up. Demolition Diva, Thin Lizzy, Motley Crue and KISS. Heavy rocking & bloody LOUD music from 5:30 till 11pm! OUCH!

With ringing ears, raccoon eyes (I missed some of that mascara) and utterly exhausted after a measly 5 hours sleep {most of which was spent in a restless; half awake, half asleep dream state} today I am strangely peaceful. Quite honestly I could curl up and sleep for the next four hours and sadly I've already used up my quota of coffee for the day!

This was my third KISS concert and I wasn't disappointed! A little sad they didn't play a couple of their more popular hits, it was still an awesome show and I HIGHLY recommend anyone go see it! It would be so worth the money just to see the crowd put on a show before the show. There are guys who dress up in the FULL KISS getup. I'm talking makeup, scantily clad chests, skinny leather pants, TALL boots and big hair. I've not seen so much BIG hair since the 80's - seriously! And here I was worrying about wearing too much makeup (I don't normally wear any!)          

The hubby and I haven't had a night out in a long time, so it was good to go and re-live our youthful years ;) and though we felt like falling asleep before the almighty deafening drum kit of Tommy Lee put paid to that idea as it reverberated through the arms of our chairs and under our backsides; it was good to just get out and BE.

The only downside to the night was leaving the venue at 11:15, we didn't make it to the motorway until 10 to 12! 35 mins to get from the carpark to the motorway which is literally ONE roundabout back from it. Typical entertainment centre parking at its best.  

Now though is high time to bank some sleep before the next concert in a few short weeks.    

{the whole point of this post was to get me writing again. Not to write a review on the concert. I've just been missing this space in recent months!}