Wednesday, November 27, 2013


A few months back, curled up on the lounge I started surfing the net on my iPad. I decided to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and typed in The Babysitters Club. Well blow me down if it doesn't pop up that the author struck up a deal to get some of the books re-published as ebooks.

Now I LOVED these books as a "tween" and received my first ever copy in Grade 6 from book club. I thought I was all kinds of awesome - the pretty pink cover, the cool characters and ZOMG Claudia had a PHONE in her BEDROOM! I so wanted a phone in my bedroom but alas my parents never delivered. Sad panda here. 

Knowing my first ever copy was stored in the roof along with the others I collected over the years - I threw down a challenge with my likeminded girls and they were keen to join in. Then I promptly forgot all about said #challenge until someone reminded me last week, so I popped over to KOBO (sick of waiting for Hubby to get up in the ceiling) and I purchased the first ever Super Special for $5.17.  

26 Baby Sitters Club









So does the book live up to my expectations of how "cool" it was back in the day? Well…  

While I wasn't completely riveted to my seat not able to put it down, I enjoyed a little trip back in time. It bought up old feelings of how much I really wanted to jump on a cruise and visit Disney World (not Disney Land) The book was easy to read as one would expect from "young adult" even with a glaringly obvious mistake on one page that I can't remember seeing when I read it the first time way back in the late 80's!

The Verdict: would I read this one again? Say in another 30 years time?
I don't think so! One trip down memory lane was more than enough. I might be swayed to re-read the first one I ever received in a few years when its time to pass the baton and hand over that box full of dusty, musty books for my daughter.   

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vacant no more.

This little space of mine has been vacant for far too long - as someone so kindly pointed out & so I promised her a post. Its not that I've had nothing to say; instead more a case of too much to say and unsure where to start. Rather than go back and start at the beginning - I will just start here. Right now. 



I seem to be flapping about not getting far with anything in particular and every day I re-write lists and then smack my forehead for not having the foresight to complete a simple task the previous day. Then there are days I stop myself and tell myself that I do achieve a lot - its just that I am currently achieving things that weren't necessarily on my 2013 goal lists. Amazing how your daily goals can change so much in 12 short months!

What I have been doing is research. It appears I am at that point in my story telling that I need to pay close attention to details. It doesn't help writing about a fridge in the 1930's when they obviously didn't have access to one. So I have been:

*  Printing diagrams & information on diseases from the inter webs (to be used for my own personal files)
* Downloading popular names from the era… then realising I managed to print the "Scottish" names. Apparently Australian names weren't as important!
* Reading books written in the same areas and times.   














I've been madly writing essays. Aaaah! One of these I kid you not - I wrote & rewrote 3 times until my brain felt so mushy and my good friend & BETA reader had to point out I went all 50 shades and used the same words repeatedly. I think I have them to where I want them and will submit early this week with fingers crossed I receive a half decent mark (AFTER those repeated words were deleted "Oh My" )  














Time spent re-reading my tutorials and cross referencing for extra information in my stack of helpful writing books. By late Friday afternoon my mind was buzzing with all these words and I was struggling to remember the difference between voice and tone. This has helped get the words from my mind. Maybe next week I will journal the words and their meanings - or I might stick to flash cards.  














As I've been doing this, I've been jotting down notes for my own story. Of things to check and cross reference - I'm inspired to write more and more each day, alas the assignment writing MUST take precedence at this moment in time! Luckily a lot of my assignments can be based on stories I've written or am planning on writing for my  novel! 

In between - another High Distinction for Creative Writing was received from the College & the accompanying words of "Overall, a fine effort presented throughout, declaring your submission as student work of outstanding quality" of course has left me feeling… excited (because I obviously have a knack for this writing gig) and scared (because what if my future assignments are not up to par?)

In our day to day family life my health has been up and down, but fingers crossed is turning due to these awesome tablets I'm taking, my daughter decided to share hats (as girls are wan to do) and bought home a little more than I needed to see… if you've never seen war - you won't understand why my house suddenly had shades of genocide on those little creepy crawlies! Ugh. The joys!

Yesterday we had a dance concert, followed by a lunch with mum and dad where I picked their brains all things family! My dad then drops a bombshell that my pops brothers daughter had done some digging and came up with a heap of info on my elusive G'grandfather (he's the shady character who I have struggled finding his past) apparently his brother has copies and I have wheedled oh so nicely for him to get me a copy. I hear it's "real good reading" so I have an inkling that my "pulling my hair out why don't I turn him into a villain of dubious character" may actually pay off! YAY!

That pretty much sums up the WEEK! True story! I plan on getting back here a little more regularly - I'll aim for 3 weekday posts to start - because truly I miss rambling and nattering to myself & besides I feel it keeps me grounded.