Friday, October 31, 2014

T minus 10 hours...

As I went to bed last night, my house in disarray, my body fatigued and my head overwhelmed with everything I need action urgently. I lay my head down and picked up my book. I have been struggling to find time to read this past month and I had but a few chapters in my Mary Higgins Clark book to finish. To be honest I was at the point with the book that I wanted to throw it against the wall, it was long and dragged on and I didn't manage to connect to the characters at all. As I turned pages rapidly, the clock ticked past 10pm. My eyes watered with tiredness. At 10:30, my body had fallen asleep around me, only my brain was on to take in the final pages as I read faster still to discover the killer.

At 10 to 11 I finally closed the book with a sigh, uttered worst ending ever before turning my light off and going to sleep.

An hour later I was still tossing and turning. No matter how tired I had been, my mind would not shut up. I blame the late afternoon coffee for that little episode (any coffees drunk past 4pm usually leaves me a shaky mess come midnight)

As I lay there my body shaking as it fought fatigue and the coffee stimulation - my mind started considering my new novel and mentally considering what I thought would be a good first line hook. Then a better beginning came to me. If I rolled over and went to sleep, I knew that this brianwave would be lost in the previous days memories - what was I to do? Nearing midnight with my hubby gently snoring beside me, I knew if I got up or turned the light on, he would be super annoyed with me - so I gently groped in the dark around my bedside table and found a lone notebook and pen and I started slowly scrawling.

Laboriously writing the main points of my brilliant idea. NOT writing the beginning because that would be cheating - just listing a few words I considered as I thought of the scene. I replaced the book and I rolled over to go to sleep.

The ideas continued to zap inside my head until I finally willed myself to sleep, hoping that any lingering thoughts would be with me when I awoke. They were and this morning I pulled out the notebook (pleasantly surprised at how neat my midnight darkness chicken-scratch actually was) and I lamented that if it were 1st Nov today I could get started as these ideas are fresh in my mind. Alas I must wait another 10 hours (18 if we add a little sleep in there) and tomorrow I start.

Am I ready?

Today I'm wishing for an extra day to do more research, more plotting, more character development. Alas tomorrow is nearly here and as I write over the coming weeks, I will just have to plan it as I go. I'm hoping against hope that I have done "enough" for the initial momentum needed.

And if I fail?

NO matter what word count I achieve it will be MORE than I had at the beginning.

Stay with me in November - I still have more NaNoPrep posts to share, I'll be sharing some of my writing excerpts (if they are any good) and basically using this place as my connection to real life. If you are out there reading - pop by and say Hi - remind me that there are REAL people in the world not attempting such CRAZY feats!  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday Health Watch {The Big H}

You know everything seemed to be going so well, while I had my head in the sand I could pretend that I didn't need to face the bigger issues in life.

I could pretend to be a typical mid 30's woman (oh who am I kidding... I past mid 30's a few years ago!) Sure there are times I wallow in the woe is me category and I wonder WHY ME?

Then there are days like this week where I can lead an almost normal life. I know that will change next week as my hormones spike and I end up a raging mess. A person I don't like living with and one I have absolutely no control over.

When I face facts though - I have tracked the past three cycles and I am averaging a total of 7-10 days of feeling normal. When I'm not a hormonal bitch and when I'm not crippled over in pain. Say (if I was normal) that would give me an average of feeling awesome 1 week per month. 12 months over a year means - 12 weeks a year I am living fully. Out of 52 weeks!

I am left struggling for a whopping 40 weeks of the year. That is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS and something needs to change.

It has been in the back of my mind for sometime now and I have gone so far as reading several websites and starting my research on finally getting the BIG H.

A hysterectomy.

It wasn't until after speaking to a friend that she made me realise that I'm not really living. Sure I tend to push myself through the pain and the fatigue, but to actually wake up every morning and not wonder where I'm at in my cycle and whether or not I will be a screaming banshee by days end - or whether I need to plan my appointments around my heat pack and home.

The sheer thought of one terrifies me. Not for the obvious reason as you would think (i.e. no more babies) Its all the other factors I need to weigh in. The recovery, the emotional and mental state such an operation will be sure to bring. The cost. The impact it will have on my family.

Then the glimmer of hope - a hope that it might be my answer. That I might be able to go about my days PAIN FREE.

Only to watch that hope be shattered by so many ladies who have had this procedure done as a last resort and end up back where they began not two years earlier. Do I want to risk something of this magnitude on the off chance it might not work? Or do I take the risk and deal with the consequences.

While I had intended this post to be "I am ready to get a hysterectomy" it appears that I haven't yet come to a decision and might need more time to consider the prospects.

I considered NOT hitting enter on this post - it feels so personal and it is the one area I have avoided discussing with myself for many years. I have instinctively known that this would be my future since I was diagnosed all those years ago. However I feel that if I continue to avoid the word, if I continue to stick my head in the sand then I will end up accepting and living this half life. My words are my way of fighting this disease and I will continue to fight with words since it would appear the knife is no longer working.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When NaNoPrep gets Matchy!

I won't lie... NaNoWriMo Prep here has gone a little CRAZY!

Way back at the beginning of the year I stumbled across a pile of Composition Books at Officeworks in Australia. They were super cheap at $2.04 each and even though they were definitely NOT the same quality as you'd buy on Amazon, at that price who would complain.

I bought TWO. Yes two. When I realised that I should have bought MORE, I went back and they had NONE IN STOCK *sobs* Of course by that stage I had decided I simply HAD to have the Composition books to write my stories in. I don't know what it is about the simple marble covers - I go weak at the knee and well when I get an idea in my head I'm like a dog with a bone.

Alas there was no stock in ANY of the stores I went to and I eventually settled for Lego Friends Composition books when they went on sale at Big Dubs. Although they were NOT the same nor were they the awesome price of $2.04.

A few weeks ago, I dragged my husband on an errand to Officeworks, I had a list of *needs* for NaNoPrep and it was there - tucked away on the bottom shelf a stack of them. I did what any sane person does and squealed a little and stacked my basket full. Okay so I only bought 4 (& truth be told I only needed ONE for this NaNo!)

Later that same day I went to Kmart and OMG, OMG, OMG...


A matching Composition book, except this one was A4 subject notebook. (on the left) Exactly what I needed for research purposes this NaNo. Aren't they so PRETTY side by side?

I have added labels to each of the tabs down the side.
* Tech notes: for recording writing info / inspiration / scene mapping etc
* Creatures: its my first attempt at Fantasy and I have a bible of beasts to research!
* Places: for all my research on the setting(s)
* Notes: anything that pops up in my mind.
* References: to note any books I use for research. Inspiring books read etc.

On the inside front cover - I have colour coded main characters and scenes. These are interlinked with my scene cards on my corkboard of post-its I shared yesterday.  Don't go getting too excited about the names - I've already had to change one of them due to not paying attention to details.

On the back cover of the A4 is my weekly timetable. 

And on the inside of my composition notebook is my working title + a basic synopsis. 

Needless to say with only FOUR days to go, I am getting a little bit excited. I had a mega planning session on the couch last night and went to bed buzzing with ideas. I even dreamt the first line which I had my daughter jot down for me in the car this morning when it came back to me. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

#nanoprep – Timing and Plans

Following on from my NaNoWriMo My Approach post a couple of weeks ago, I have been busy
plotting and planning and hoping that I can keep the momentum tracking when I actually have to “WRITE” words. Especially when I consider how many words I have not written this past week *sobs*

In the above post I mentioned creating a calendar from iCal. While it probably would have been easier to create and colour code the calendar on the computer – it would have messed up my daily work tasks that I already have entered. Instead I pulled out my coloured pencils and my blank sheet along with my scrawled mess and I started colouring in blocks.

The Purple is the important colour – it is my writing time. I have painstakingly stolen 2.5 hours a day (except for Thursdays) comprised of 30 mins while eating breakfast when I intend to plan.  An hour after the morning School run armed with my morning coffee and a second hour in the afternoon with the next coffee.

I am hoping to treat it as I would a real job. I intend to clock on / clock off at those times and keep my social life at an absolute MINIMUM. I’ve even worked out that if I do coffee on a Friday, I can spend 2 hours at the local library (which is one block from the school which will save on driving time.) Note also the housework will be at minimum levels. I have warned the family.

The blue blocks are my work hours and seeing how it is so bleeping busy there at the moment I can already foresee those two precious (blank) hours on Wednesday morning being taken up with bookwork. Weekends are blissfully free of restraints – however I’ve just realised I have both a tentative birthday party + an excursion to the speedway ALL ON DAY 1!!!


I’ve started detailing the beginning, the middle and the end; as well as adding technical notes  (eg. suggested scene lengths / chapter length etc) Pretty much anything I come across on Pinterest,Writing websites or Writing textbooks that I think might come in handy during November.


In the back of the book I will be handwriting my story in, I have stuck a Free NaNoWriMo Tracker (printed in booklet form) stuck in using pretty Washi tape of course. 


In the front of this book, I have also printed a mini synopses of my story. I’m choosing NOT to share that unless you are in my inner circle of BETA readers!

SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST {shouting because I am so darn excited about this part…) a couple of weeks ago – I had but a small nugget of an idea. This idea had no tentacles nor was I sure why I wanted to write it then after a drink one night a single scene idea sprang to mind. Before I knew it that scene had multiplied and by the end of the next day I had 20 scenes for the first part. I still have A LONG way to go to plot the 2nd and final acts – but for now I am happy with this start because if I can aim to write a scene per day – that’s 20 days of word counts up my sleeve already. 


And yeah – sorry about the blurred words ;) I’m not ready to share my initial idea or plotting just yet in the off chance the story doesn’t work. I’m sure if you hang about you will pick up snippets of my story as I am intending on sharing a few excerpts each week during the month.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sick days and listening closely

I am in serious countdown mode to November 1st and I am so darn excited that I may have been caught out flooding social media with “everything NaNo” in the past week or more. I have about 6 blog posts up my sleeve for the coming 9 days about my #nanoprep then I plan to bunker down and write like a crazy lady come November.


Are you excited??? 

Last week my ideas were buzzing, each day I would sit quietly and plan my story. Then I would sit and write each afternoon for an hour – adding more and more words to my murder mystery, writing practice. To keep my creative muscles flowing at peak.

Then I get a day like yesterday. And another today. And it all feels like it is too hard.

Yesterday as a change in hormones spiked, my body collapsed with fatigue. With a spaced out mind set and ripples of pain across my chest and back, I could barely stand up to make dinner and when I realised I STILL had to change my daughters sheets at 7pm – I nearly cried. The fatigue is *that* bad. This of course had a flow on effect and my writing session yesterday was put on the backburner and I maybe managed 100 words for the day.

Today the fatigue and general fuzzy brain have eased but have been replaced with pain. Today I feel as though my hips are going to blow out. Ever been in the early stages of labour? That’s how I felt this morning – not a pain as much as a slow burning between my hips and feeling as though I’d somehow turned into a big fat hippo. Sigh.

With a full day of work planned – the pain was NOT welcome. With the pain, my work output decreases, which then *flow on effect again* means I have MORE work to do tomorrow (or next week).

And writing today? Yeah hasn’t happened. YET! Tonight if I can manage to do more than just hold the phone in front of my face, I will set myself up on the couch with headphones and write while the family watch the idiot box – surprisingly I am pretty good at tuning out – even without wearing headphones!

Which brings me to the whole point of this post. Sick Days. I have learnt enough over the years of when to listen to my body and when to push on. If I choose to spend these 2 “sick” days – pushing on and working through the pain – I could effectively end up doubling the recovery time and lose a week of productivity.

Two days in NaNo time means 3,334 words.

Four days in NaNo time means 6,668 words.

A week in NaNo time means 11,669 words.

Of course I could let these figures stir up anxious feelings and just quite while I’m ahead declaring “No its all too hard for me this year”. BUT there is a small and bloody determined part of me that is saying “I can bloody well do this, I need to do it so help me – I will do what I can”

Which is why… I have decided right this moment, that I will try and push for a higher daily word count in the first two weeks. If I surpass the 1667 daily count and write another 333 words – it means I can easily take those days that my mind or body won’t co-operate and REST UP.

Or if I decide that I will push through – you may find me in bed with the lap top typing away furiously. Which won’t really go with my whole idea of handwriting this entire storyline. Either way, I look forward to what the coming month will bring.

And hey – when I hit the half way stage next month (or even the first week) & I start to flail. Can you PLEASE do me a huge favour and direct me back to these posts. These posts will be my own #nanoprep

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday Health Watch {Happy Pills}

A Quick Note: I am trying to make this blog a little more cohesive in its approach and in striving to find the balance between my dreams and my health. So that my writer friends can find posts easily and those that wish to follow my health journey can bypass the ones I natter about writing. Sounds like a good plan right? 

Today I'm starting by kicking off a new weekly post. Introducing "Wednesday Health Watch" admittedly it would sound SO much better if it was Wednesday Wealth Watch but truthfully all the wealth is going toward the health so... yeah!

In a nutshell, because we all know how much I like to contain my words to bare minimum word counts... I thought I might share a small moment of my health each Wednesday. It has been some time since I wrote without fearing what others thought. While I don't miss the feelings I had when I began this blog, I do miss the raw depth my writing was able to reach back in those early days. When I re-read a passage and it still managed to hit a nerve - I know I've written something phenomenal.

A few weekends ago a beautiful friend managed to touch a raw nerve within me (in a good way) and it has been at the back of my mind since then. However I can't articulate my thoughts on that conversation today; I am smack bang stuck in the midst of a hormonal surge and as such any small thing makes me cry or scream with rage.

If you don't believe me - you are more than welcome to ask the long suffering husband, who just moments ago was searching for the new jar of Jam in the bottom of the cupboard.

"Look up," I say.

"No look up. Look up. LOOK UP. If you'd bloody* listen to me I wouldn't have to bloody* well raise my voice," I practically screech.

To which he yelled back at me and I duly broke down in tears (okay well they were fake tears - but still - I didn't resort to yelling back at him. Which in my eyes, considering the lay of the land the past few days is a Bonus!)


*Swear words totally inserted for drama re-enactment. 

Actually no, the swearing did happen... though it may have not have been a little less than what I noted here. 


Is it obvious by now that on the hormone side - things have not improved one iota. In the past few months I have been tracking the mood swings - partly so I have a visual to show my Doctor next month. I need her to see that this is NOT normal. I want her to help me find a path forward - especially now that I am willing to actually discuss taking that next step.

I have a bottle of balancing pills in the cupboard & I know they do help with my mood swings, I just struggle to remember to take them daily. Right this second I am off to set an alarm on my phone. much as I absolutely loathe the side effects that come with swallowing these pills; when you rise from bed in the morning not knowing whether you will be Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde for the day - it makes sense to at least try and endure.

Each morning the husband opens one eye and waits for me to report on how the day will lie before he is willing to open his mouth and speak.

What sort of life is that to be living? Or living with (in his case.)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Killing time or Procrastinating?

If you follow me on Instagram – you will have seen these pictures! I call them my “killing time till NaNoWriMo kicks off” OR “Procrastinating at its finest”

Before the weekend, while working through my Ready, Set, Novel workbook I came across a page for the villain and I freaked. While the bones of my idea are cemented I stared at this page in despair and the best I could come up with was “Who is the Villain?”

By Thursday I nearly pulled the pin on the whole darn idea – I mean who sets out with the intention of writing a whole NOVEL when they have no antagonist?


I needn’t have worried – Friday night as I sank onto the couch to watch back to back McLods with beer in each hand the ideas started to flow. Suddenly I found myself darting back and forward to my study, scrawling out really basic scene cards.

Saturday the ideas simply flowed. Armed with some basic supplies I even colour coded my scene cards! More on this later in the week!


Yesterday I was so excited I even created a visual station in my study. The old whiteboard which hasn’t been updated in a year :O had a little makeover, complete with a washi tape edged NaNo calendar. I am if NOTHING else an over-achiever… wait until you see what else I’ve done in preparation!  


What do you think? Killing time or Procrastinating? Considering I can’t officially start writing until Saturday 1st, I am really trying to use my time wisely over the coming days (lets not mention the hours spent on Pinterest, twitter and Instagram seeing how others are prepping okay?)

In the meantime I am writing – continuing on with the little mystery / horror piece, I’m back to only 500 words a day, handwritten to get in practice for what I hope will be a month of handwritten words.  

IMG_8815 copy

Sunday, October 19, 2014

#eek I did it...

I've been bleating about it. 

I've been dreaming about it. 

I've been planning it. 

Finally today I signed up and pressed enter on my Novel blurb and its all official.

Lets not mention how I've already edited my mini synopsis which I only uploaded 15mins ago. 
Lets not mention how I've attempted this twice before & failed miserably each time. 

This year I feel as if I'm ready. 
This year I have planned my time
This year I have a good grasp of my plot and after a rush of {beer induced} inspiration on Friday night I now have 20 scenes ready to write and I'm sure there are a tonne more that will evolve as I write this story. 

Tell me I'm not crazy? 

The family have been advised that I expect there full support next month as I'm head down, bum up writing toward my goal - to which they asked if they get a cleaner in NOW. 

I have even cleared a space on my desk so I can think straight and dive right in. All I need now is some blue tack as I propose to pin my scene cards to the back of the door as I go and a little luck that I can keep up the steam for the entire month. 

Wish me luck & do tell me if you too are planning on joining this crazy month of Marathon writing? 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Nightmares born; and Dreams are realised

I have alluded to the fact that I have been trying to write daily in order to get into the routine and eventually attempt NaNoWriMo this year. Over the holidays, mindlessly surfing Facebook, I stumbled across an article “20 Places Where nightmares are born” you can read the article here

Personally while I didn’t think the places were that “scary” I thought it might be fun to challenge myself to write a little short story about each – using the pictures as visual stimulation. I expected to write between 1000 and 5000 on each story and for it to be purely an exercise in writing where I’m not chained to expectations.

The first two days I started writing a piece about the hanging dolls - The Island of Dolls and I got about 940 words before I felt something was missing. So on day 3 I wrote 367 words on my second choice Villisca Ax Murder House and then before I could consider what I was doing sent it to my Beta who came back with “keep writing” so I did.


Each day I have sat for an hour with a personal challenge to add 500 words (part of my#writechain commitment) and each day I have managed to achieve between 800 – 1200 words.

This story – one I purely started for practice purposes only - has evolved and out of nowhere I find myself staring down at 12,000 words and realising that it is fast becoming a novella. The first day I chose to write with adequate description, carefully handpicking words before typing them across the screen. As the days wore on and my story began to take shape, I was suddenly getting ideas popping into my brain at obscure times and I now have a tentative climax / ending and know what word count I’d like to achieve.

This little horror / mystery piece has consumed me like I never expected and I feel I am living and dreaming about these characters (to the point I really did have a nightmare the other night – its been YEARS since I had one last!)

Isn’t it wonderful when you start writing something “just because” and suddenly it takes a mind of its own and fulfils a mini dream.    

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Nano – My Approach


This CRAZY idea of mine to attempt NaNo again means I have been forced to re-think my approach to it. The first time I approached it I really had no idea!
No idea how to write properly
No idea that writing was more than plucking a few words from your head
No idea about characterisation and scenes and settings.

I hit that first month with no background, no planning – just a seed of an idea.

I just wrote. And wrote. And wrote some more. Which is why I find myself staring in dismay at a 3/4 finished manuscript of 68,592 words and having NO real clue on how to approach it or how to finalise my scenes. I am however confident that I can structurally edit like a fiend & I look forward to that - when the time comes. A blog buddy suggested recently to put some distance between myself and the manuscript and she was 100% correct in her suggestion – I have placed it in the top drawer until I can come back to it refreshed and ready to add the remaining words. Ultimately I’d love to aim at writing between 100,000 – 120,000 words, but before I can tackle the remaining chapter I need to plot the direction and somehow make sense of, and tidy up the last 25,000 words that feel muddled. Last month showed me that I am still in a grief-holding-pattern and that until I can overcome that stage, my story WON’T be as good as it can be.  

It is for this reason I LOVE the idea of NaNo – to sit and write a straight 50K without losing steam – means that the story will hopefully gain pace and direction as the words flow across the screen. And provided I don’t lose my momentum during the month.

My previous attempt at novel writing - (ie attempting NaNo then Camp NaNo) gave me a good solid base and allowed me to delve into my characters minds. However the writing I’ve done since then (ie writing in stilted stints here and there) meant that I’ve managed to only achieve pages of disjointed sections that need a magical touch. 

This year I’ve decided to start with a fresh new story that has been on the backburner for a couple of years. I’m older (MUCH older), wiser (as wise as an owl) and smarter (hello Diploma of Professional Writing) and I’m desperately hoping that these attributes will add layers to my approach and thus pave the way to a clearer direction. If all else fails this will be an exercise in establishing a routine and seeing if I do have what it takes to be a full time writer.

Every day for the past two weeks I have taken the Writers Workbook (Ready, Set, Novel) with me in my hand bag and armed with a rainbow of colours and washi tape I’ve been jotting down notes during spare minutes of the day. The ideas have been flowing fast and furious – usually while I’m driving!


This time I have stocked up on Index Cards so I can plot the scenes as I write them.


Such is the seriousness of this task and the want – no the NEED – to succeed; I have taken it one step further and sketched up a tentative daily timetable trying to utilise my days in order to keep up with everything else that life throws at me. Once I re-do it and make it pretty I will have to remember to share it! I am currently spending a full hour writing each day and I am churning out between 800 – 1,000 words. Which meant I’ve had to find an extra hour each day to write. I think its doable – but I will only know when November hits & hope like crazy my health behaves itself! 


What about YOU? Are you writing and thinking of attempting NaNoWriMo this year? If you are – what are you doing to prepare.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Writer or Advocate?

I haven’t been sharing my health woes of late, mainly because I felt I was becoming a broken record – and because this little corner of my world has become my sanctuary. My sounding board; filled with all my hopes and dreams of one day becoming a famous writer.

Yet I’ve been battling the two sides of the coin – one one side this is MY place to raise awareness of the disease I’m waging a daily war against as well it is also where I come to share my writing progress. While the two seem worlds apart – to me they feel they go hand in hand. As I write and delve into the deepest parts of my soul then share those words on this blog, I hope that it helps someone out there feel less alone in their own journey. Yet as I’ve explored my own depths I discovered a singular core within me that has erupted and made me a writer.

The reason I’m battling?

On one hand – if I do (somehow) become a famous author – will I feel comfortable having my personal life splashed across the internet and be known as the “famous author who has endo” or can I use that to my advantage and raise more awareness?

Is that being professional enough?

Should I have two separate entities?

On the other hand – I have a friend (on Facebook) who is battling her own disease and at the moment she is raising funds for that disease through her music. She has truly inspired me to do more – to be more. 

Yet I keep coming back to that old friend “worry” - that what I do is not nearly enough – what can I write here that my 3 readers don’t see me say day in day out anyway? What can I do to help raise awareness when I’m just a small fish in a vast ocean?

Interestingly on this – I shared an article about a new drug that has been petitioned to become available in Australia next year. The young lady & her mother doing the hard yards, have said there is NOT enough talk about Endometriosis – because women don’t feel comfortable talking about it publically.

You can read the article Here

Yet here I am – albeit one very small blogger bleating her guts out – sharing the gross stuff and the occasional good & yet I’m STILL not reaching people. What more can one do? I know I’m not alone in this; there are a hundred blogs out there, doing the same – maybe we need a national directory or something. 

When I shared the article – I had two friends comment – both have the disease and I didn’t know. How many more women are out there battling in silence?

All I can do is continue on this path – its worked for me the past three years, but maybe its time to start talking, in between all the writing I am planning.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Living the writing dream

When I last wrote I mentioned that I was having a break from my story and that I had taken the time to explore different writing and genres. I spent the first week of the School holidays stealing 30mins here and there to write and then fell off the bandwagon with an assortment of ailments in the second week. Rather than lament about lost opportunities, I put the non-writing days behind me and last week I started the #writechain challenge again. I’m starting small – aiming for 500 words daily & not worrying if I don’t write on the weekends. I am making time each and every day between 1:30 and 2:30 to sit and write. The first 200 words are difficult to write but then something clicks and the words come tumbling out in ferocious speed that I have to physically stop what I’m doing in order to go pick up my girl from School.

Friday marked link 4 in the current chain and to date (including the sprints I wrote at the beginning of the holidays) I have managed to pen 8290 words on a horror piece that started inspiration as a small picture and a blurb I saw on the internet. 

So then I wondered if I couldn’t maybe face my nemesis once more…


All previous attempts have gone haywire as I’ve attempted to write a story with a strong backbone but no planning. The timing has been wrong each and every time.

This year though I think I’m  ready. I think. Or maybe I’m not. One thing I am planning on doing is to shake the rules up a little for my own benefit & hopefully to ease pressure on myself when it feels like failure is imminent.

I have one story I have been playing around with, the idea has been floating in my head for some months but its not until now that I have started to execute it and start jotting notes for it. I’m utilising the Ready Set Novel book from NaNoWriMo but also accompanied is a 200 page composition book for handwriting the novel (yes – I’m completely mad!) and a blank notebook to add research notes, pictures, inspiration – whatever comes to mind as I trudge forward into unknown territory.


My own Rule Change: if I can’t focus on the above story OR if I lose the pace while writing it, then I am giving myself full permission to revert to the horror genre that I’m currently working on & using a group of pictures I found on the world wide web write a series of short stories.


I figure either way will work and maybe by the end of the month I will have delved into this task and filled at least ONE notebook with words.