Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Gentle Eddying

Life continues to flow around me. At the start of this week as I opened my eyes to a new week and saw all that I still needed to do. I felt stuck. Stagnant.

Then I pulled up my big girls panties and reached for coffee number three of the morning (bad, bad habit of mine, but I have zero other vices) and I started writing.

I have currently abandoned all pretence of looking like I have my shit together. I don't.

Instead I am letting the tide carry me and I am going with the flow because I am tired of swimming against it.

Some good has come of surviving the past week. We have a backyard that is now dirt with teeny tiny grass shoots. I have replanted my ugly hibiscus that throws out the most glorious flowers. I have a NEW dishwasher. AND a new OVEN!

After an entire day decluttering, I can see the floor of my daughters toy room again (FIVE bags + 2 boxes to the op shop, 3 overflowing bins! YAY ME!) and for the first time in a very long while, my five minutes of free writing is free of whining about how I need to do and be everything.

Now to get through the final week of school.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Just Keep on Bouncing...

You know those moments you think *now* is the perfect time to start Landscaping and installing new fences?

Yeah. Perfect time. My arse!

As it stands, I have dirt (actually no... with all this rain we are experiencing I have MUD) covering 2/3 of our backyard.

The temporary fences are failing as our 9mo pup is either practically walking over them, or sticking her head through and forcing holes in it.

Our septic system was off for the entire day as the only line available was right where they were working which meant NO WASHING.

And my dishwasher died. Because you know needing a new oven right now wasn't a big enough expense when added to the cost of the landscaping.

My floors are a mess, I am not getting a decent run with anything and every other minute I seem to be standing at the sink washing more dishes. And would you believe I told hubby I would wait for a dishwasher, that I was HAPPY to continue washing up. Seriously who is this person.

Hubby on the other hand told the Sales man we will probably see him on the weekend. Secretly I don't think I will last until then ;)

To add fuel to the fire - yesterday I declared I was quitting this housewifing gig. After fighting with a brand new clothes trolley that was worse than an ikea flat pack. I managed to wash not one but a bundle of tissues. Tissues I could have used as this thing they call life nips at my heels.

Tomorrow is another day and meanwhile I shall keep on bouncing. And washing up.